Sustainable events

Making good events great for the environment.

Adelaide has long been recognised as one of the world’s great festival cities; facilitating over 800 events every year. Events play an important role in stimulating the local economy and creating a city that’s designed for life. Many are held on the green community squares in the city and in the surrounding Park Lands, and there is growing community expectation that events are sustainable.

We have created a kit of sustainability resources to assist events big and small. To help make positive change you can download the Sustainable Event Guidelines, checklists, tips, supplier and product lists, and templates.

Action checklists

A set of easy reference checklists based on six key action areas to help reduce impact.

Guides and tips

The Sustainable Event Guidelines provide a comprehensive summary of all action areas. See guides and tips for alternative products that reduce waste.


Various documents that you can tailor to your own needs, to assist with commercial agreements, education and promotion.


Assets to help promote your single-use plastic straw free event.

Sustainable event spotlight - case studies