Adelaide Rewards Card

Living in the city and North Adelaide just got even more rewarding!

Adelaide has always been a great place to live. Although a comparatively small capital city, it has a big pulsing multi-cultural heart full of vibrant activities, and over 700 hectares of Park Lands as its lungs. It gives you the opportunity to live the life that you choose, and cares about your wellbeing.

Thanks to the free Adelaide Rewards Card, life in Adelaide just got even better!

What is the Adelaide Rewards Card?

The Adelaide Rewards Card is a scheme which entitles eligible city residents to take advantage of benefits from a range of Council businesses and services. Did we mention it was free!

Who is eligible?

If you live within the postcode area of 5000 or 5006 and fall into one of the following groups, you are eligible for an Adelaide Rewards Card:

  • residential property owners living in the city
  • occupiers of rateable residential properties in the city, including tenants
  • students living in the city, including in University Houses, Boarding Houses and Apartments.

What are the benefits?

When you present your Adelaide Rewards Card, you receive:

* Card cannot be used with any other offer, discount, or concession. Your Rewards Card cannot be used for: swimming lessons, swim shop, parties, cafe, personal training, casual gym visits, personal training multi-visit passes, and group fitness classes.

Please note: The City of Adelaide reserves the right to alter, remove or suspend any of the rewards and/or benefits applicable to the Reward Card at any time, and without prior notification to the Reward Card Holder.

How do I apply?

Applying is quick and easy and done on line. You’ll just need to have your personal details handy and the names of others living in the house, as only one card is issued per property. Update your details via this same button below.


Frequently asked questions

We know you’re excited and have lots of questions, so we’ve attempted to answer them here.

Cards will be ready within two working days from time of registration. You can choose on the registration form whether to collect the card or have it posted to you.

Council requires the information on the registration form to validate your registration, and ensure the exclusivity of the program applies to Adelaide residents only.

The information you’ve supplied may also be used to verify the accuracy of information we currently hold.

While only one card is issued per household, all family members or shared occupiers of the address are entitled to make use of the benefits. It is at the discretion of the household as to how they manage this process.

Sorry, no. Only one card is issued per household (see above).

In the case of student-shared accommodation, one card is issued per apartment.

The card must be produced at the point of sale to receive resident's benefits. Please note that the card cannot be used with any other offer, unless specified. 

The card can only be shared with other members of the residential household. These members are required to be listed when registering.

Please contact the City of Adelaide Customer Centre to cancel your existing card and request a new card to be posted out to you. You will then be required to register online as outlined above.

The Council is committed to making the city grow and prosper, and be more attractive and appealing to residents, workers, students and visitors.

We’re currently working on developing an updated card and a new range of benefits to suit the unique user groups. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to keep you informed of the exciting developments as they become available.

Our pricing across our businesses has been set as low as possible for all concession card holders (Pensioners/Students etc) so a further discount is not available.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about the Adelaide Rewards Card, please contact the Customer Centre: