Planning and Design Code amendments

New Planning System for SA

On 19 March 2021, South Australia's planning system went through it's biggest change in 30 years.

The new Planning System for SA changes how development policy is formed and amended and how development applications are lodged and assessed.

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Riverbank Precinct Code Amendment

The State Government has commenced consultation on the ‘Riverbank Precinct Code Amendment’. The State Government states that the Code Amendment proposed to:

  • Rezone land west of the Royal Adelaide Hospital from the Adelaide Park Lands Zone to City Riverbank Zone (Health Subzone) to support the development of the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
  • Rezone land west of Montefiore Rd from Adelaide Park Lands Zone to City Riverbank Zone (Entertainment Subzone) and a portion of land already in City Riverbank Zone from Health Subzone to Entertainment Subzone. This will support the development of entertainment-related uses, such as an arena.
  • Rezone land from the Adelaide Park Lands Zone to City Riverbank Zone (Innovation Subzone) to more appropriately reflect the land use and form of the existing Adelaide Botanic High School and its curtilage.
  • Apply a new Riverbank Subzone in the Adelaide Park Lands Zone to the southern and northern side of the River Torrens between Kintore Avenue and the Torrens Weir to accommodate small-scale development such as cafes and shops (both on-water and off-water) that contributes to the activation of the riverfront, in a way that protects the open landscaped character and heritage values of Elder Park.
  • Update the ‘Concept Plan 85 – City Riverbank’ within the Innovation Subzone to retain the important open space link from Frome Road to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.
  • Make policy changes to support connections and linkages throughout the precinct.
  • Policy changes to support development of high quality and amenity.

The consultation is now closed. A copy of the submission detailing Council’s advice on each area proposed to be rezoned by the Code Amendment can be viewed below.

View the submission

More information on the Code Amendment, including mapping highlighting the changes, the proposed policy changes, registration for community information session and where to submit your feedback are available via the State Government website.