Biodiversity represents the variety of life in a place.

Biodiversity is all around us. Big or small, from the bacteria in your stomach that helps you digest your food, to the plants and animals that live in and around your home, street, neighbourhood and city. It is this variety of life that makes our environment unique and resilient, especially in a changing climate. Most importantly it provides us with clean air, water and a stable environment in which we can live, work and play.

Learn about the variety of biodiversity in Adelaide, its threats, what the City of Adelaide is doing to protect it, and how you can explore it.

Biodiversity in Adelaide

Discover the rich biodiversity of Adelaide and North Adelaide including the many creatures that call it home. See how the City of Adelaide is working to preserve it.

Biodiversity projects

The City of Adelaide’s biodiversity team is working hard to restore and improve the biodiversity of the city. Find out about some of their latest projects.

Biodiversity threats

There are many threats to the biodiversity in the Adelaide Park Lands. Learn what they are, how the City of Adelaide is mitigating them, and how you can help.

Getting involved in biodiversity

Learn how you can experience biodiversity in Adelaide. Explore biodiversity trails, try your hand at backyard projects, or volunteer your time. More details here.

Grey-headed Flying-foxes in Adelaide

Learn all about the Grey-headed Flying-fox, often seen in the Adelaide Park Lands and get involved in what you can do to help this endangered species.