Waste & recycling for residents

The 2022 recycling and waste calendars are available for Adelaide and North Adelaide.

See the calendar for your bin day or view our online bin day checker.

Keeping the community clean and hygienic

Keeping the city and North Adelaide clean is one of the many tasks provided by the City of Adelaide’s Public Realm Team. It helps keep the area tidy and visually appealing, not to mention hygienic.

Collection services

The Council provides a regular kerbside waste collection service to residents for:

  • general waste (140 litre red lidded bin) – collected weekly
  • recyclable items (140 or 240 litre yellow lidded bin) – collected fortnightly
  • organic waste such as food and garden waste (140 or 240 litre green lidded bin) – collected fortnightly
  • Hard waste – two pre-booked collections her household per calendar year.

To see when your bins will be collected you can view the calendar:

Tip: Why not print a copy and put it on your fridge for handy reference!

Alternatively, find your collection day by using the online bin day checker.

Enhanced services

Need a larger bin? No problem. If the regular waste service is not suitable for your needs and you wish to discuss your bin size options please contact customer service. Note: there may be fees with upsizing.

Kitchen caddys

As part of our commitment to environmentally sustainability, City of Adelaide enables residents to recycle waste food using a small green organics (lime green lid) bin.

This service aims to reduce the amount of food waste destined for landfill as the contents can be placed in your green organics bin for kerbside collection.

Resource Recovery Strategy and Action Plan 2020-2028

The new Resource Recovery (organics, recycling and waste) Strategy and Action Plan 2020-2028 provides an eight-year framework to redefine the concept of waste, recover more resources, and build a circular economy in the City of Adelaide.

Read the Resource Recovery Strategy here

Read the Resource Recovery Action Plan here

There are five priority items which will help us achieve the vision of becoming the first zero waste city in Australia

  • eliminate food waste 
  • improve education and outreach 
  • foster technology and innovation 
  • prioritise resource recovery 
  • advocate for change in the waste space.

To target the diverse users of our city, programs will be positioned to support our residents and the community, those residing in multi-unit dwellings, our business community, public spaces and the City of Adelaide's own operations.