Waste & recycling for residents

The 2024 recycling and waste calendars are available now. Head to our bin collection day checker to view your next bin collection dates and download your collection calendar to your device or as a printable PDF.

Keeping the community clean and hygienic

Keeping the city and North Adelaide clean is one of the many tasks provided by the City of Adelaide’s Public Realm Team. It helps keep the area tidy and visually appealing, not to mention hygienic.

Collection services

The Council provides a regular kerbside waste collection service to residents for:

  • general waste (140 litre red lidded bin) – collected weekly
  • recyclable items (140 or 240 litre yellow lidded bin) – collected fortnightly
  • organic waste such as food and garden waste (140 or 240 litre green lidded bin) – collected fortnightly
  • Hard waste – two pre-booked collections per household each calendar year.

To see when your bins will be collected you can use our Bin collection day checker or view the 2024 Residential Waste & Recycling Calendar.

Larger loads of green waste can be dropped off at our Green Waste & Mulch Centre.

Check our information on what to do if you have a bin issue.

    Public holidays

    Waste collections continue on public holidays, except for New Year's Day and Christmas Day. Collections those weeks will occur on the day following your normal collection day.

    Enhanced services

    Need a smaller green or yellow bin? No problem. If the regular waste service is not suitable for your needs and you wish to discuss your bin size options please contact customer service.

    Kitchen caddies

    As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, City of Adelaide encourages residents to recycle food waste using kitchen caddies.

    These tubs for food scraps and other compostable items, help to reduce the amount of food waste destined for landfill as the contents can be placed in your green organics bin for kerbside collection.

    Find out how to get yours