Kitchen caddies

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and building a more circular economy, City of Adelaide provides residents with a small caddy for your kitchen to make it easier to collect food scraps which can then be placed in your green organics bin.

A Kitchen Caddy Kit

All residents can collect a free Kitchen Caddy Kit at City of Adelaide community centres, libraries or the Customer Centre at 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide. Proof of residency may be required.

If you live in a multi-unit dwelling like an apartment or a high-rise (7+ dwellings) you may also be able to collect a kitchen caddy and compostable liners from your building manager.

Kitchen caddy guides

Food waste recycling in 4 easy steps

1. Line your caddy with one compostable bag.

Caddy 1 line caddy

2. Place food and other organic waste in your caddy.

Caddy 2 place food in caddy

3. When full or every 2 to 3 days, tie a knot in the bag and carry the caddy to your green lid organics bin.

Caddy 3 tie bag

4. Place bag in your green lid organics bin and return caddy to your kitchen.

Caddy 4 put in green bin

Kitchen caddy tips and hints

To help maintain a clean kitchen caddy:

  • add paper towel, tissues or even old bread to help absorb moisture
  • freeze meat and seafood until the night before your green organics bin is collected
  • empty the caddy more frequently in hot weather
  • take the whole caddy to the organics bin, rather than just the full bag
  • rinse and dry the caddy between uses (it can even go in the dishwasher!)

Need more information?

For any questions about kitchen caddies, please contact our Customer Centre: