City of Colour – Street performances

Hutt Street

Hutt Street Cirkidz HER Oby Cath Leo 1 15

Hutt Street was transformed into a rainbow of colour by Cirkidz this September.

Designed to awaken the imagination within the public realm, Cirkidz celebrated creativity and colour in an appealing and valuable way that highlights a wonderful neighbourhood and supports our growing and diverse community.

Children, students, and parents attended footpath roving circus performances which nurtured the audience to participate in the artistic and creative experience. 

Reminiscent of the Pied Piper, a one-man band guided families along Hutt Street and were transported to numerous locations, interacting with colour, sound, and the interchangeable rainbow structures.

The performance themes were based around what is imagined for the future of Hutt Street and the City of Adelaide.

The children were asked to explore urban elements using the rainbow as the inspiration.

They built shelters, roads and tunnels and created open space elements, which the children then bought to life through balancing in, on and underneath the rainbows.

Hutt Street Cirkidz HER Oby Cath Leo 1

“City of colour is an exciting way to get young people’s voices into city planning. How do we translate the ideas of designing public space for young people to feel good about having a say? If only urban life was always such a circus!”

Joshua Hoare Artistic Director SA Circus centre and Cirkidz

With the backdrop of the historical buildings, the rain held off long enough for the public to enjoy a final acrobatic performance to the 1980’s classic ‘Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun’, which captured the playful nature of the day.

Hutt Street Cirkidz HER Oby Cath Leo 1 5