Minski++ - Beautiful bags and gorgeous gifts

Melbourne Street

A girl can never have too many bags and if you are looking for something a little bit special, head to minski++ on Melbourne Street, North Adelaide.

Opened in June 2021 by Minna Roberts, the bricks and mortar store is a dream come true for the creative mastermind behind minski++ and an incredible place to shop for yourself or for a gift for someone special.

I lived in Japan with my husband 15 years ago and fell in love with a lot of the style over there — their ceramics, fabrics, umbrellas, stationary. I’ve been making my own bags and selling them online, in other people’s shops and at markets for the past six years and I reached the point where I wanted a bit more creative control. Opening my own store is the perfect opportunity to marry it all together and do it my way.

Minna’s bags are a modern vintage style, including classic floral patterns, bright, modern graphics, velvet finishes and clasps that have an old-world feel. Unsurprisingly, many of them are made using the Japanese fabrics she loves so much.

You can choose from Minna’s current designs or she will happily custom-make one for you in-store. “You can choose from beautiful Japanese fabrics or the huge stash in my storeroom and pair it with your choice of frame and strap and end up with something you won’t find anywhere else,” she smiles.

Minna also offers other locally-made handmade creations, mainly from her contacts at other markets as she loves to support other local small businesses. You’ll find treats, including organic teas by Brewed By Belinda; greeting cards and wall art by Hummingpea; and laser-cut coasters from The Laser Shack, to name a few. As well as one of today’s hottest items, reusable masks, which she makes up within 15 minutes using any of her gorgeous fabrics.

While Minna’s creations are available online, you can’t beat a visit to her Melbourne Street store.

There is such a nice feel to the area — people are out and about at the cafes and it’s got a great happy and relaxed vibe; it’s a place you want to take your time to enjoy. And I’ve set up the store itself to match this feeling. I want people to come in and enjoy being in here, feel inspired by what they see and take away a nice bag, pretty earrings, a special tea or a unique cup. They’re not essential things, but they’re things I hope you’ll use and they’ll bring a bit of enjoyment into your day!


91 Melbourne St, North Adelaide

Open Wednesday to Saturday

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Facebook: @minskiplusplus

Instagram: @minskiplusplus