Art Shines

Art Shines is a creative light-based public art commission program designed to energise, delight and make city spaces welcoming and safe.

Produce Lane off Hindley Street

The Produce Lane Initiative provides artists with a  platform to create illuminated art images in the West End. Using lightboxes and Projectors, developed in partnership with TAFE SA and the Adelaide College of the Arts. This initiative creates an annually changing public art attraction for one of the lesser-known laneways linking to Hindley Street.

The current artworks have created by Anna Revesz from the series Surrealism in the Dark are being presented in the Produce Lane Initiative. These works were first created in 2019, with new iterations added more recently. Surrealism in the Dark began in the darkroom – a place where marks are left to chance, edges burning with glowing light, liquid dripping down the paper to reveal a face, water moving over the page and blurring what we see. The images then moved into the digital world, where actions and clicks responded to analog marks, further obscuring and fragmenting the original image. These works explore the idea of chance and how it may lead both artist and audience down unexpected paths, to surprising discoveries. Chance leaves all doors open for the image to exist in endless forms…

The artwork is currently viewable, with nightly viewing hours from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am. The Lightboxes are also viewable during daylight hours.

East End Moving Image

The East End Moving Image Program is an initiative of the City of Adelaide to forge deeper relationships with the arts community by presenting moving image content, which activates the city at night, delighting unsuspecting audiences and contributing to the evening economy.

The program on the Rundle Street Projector can be viewed via our city webcams.