Art Shines

photo-icon Image: Lee Walter, Fracture, 2020, (image still), Produce Lane Gobo projectors. Photo by Sam Roberts.

Art Shines is a creative light-based public art commission program designed to energise, delight and make city spaces welcoming and safe.

Produce Lane off Hindley Street

The Produce Lane Initiative provides artists with a  platform to create illuminated art images in the West End. Using lightboxes and Projectors, developed in partnership with TAFE SA and the Adelaide College of the Arts. This initiative creates an annually changing public art attraction for one of the lesser-known laneways linking to Hindley Street.

The inaugural artwork presented is by Lee Walter, an emerging South Australian visual artist. A graduate  from Adelaide College of the Arts, Lee completed an artist residency for SALA Festival and The Centre for Creative Health at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, for which she received the SALA Atkins Pro Lab Photographic award. She is currently a Co-Director of FELTspace.

A selection of works from her series, Fragment, are being presented in Produce Lane. The were created during her residency at the Royal Adelaide Hospital with artwork “was guided by my conversations and cherished interaction with patients and families living with dementia.”

The projection artwork is currently viewable from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am, and the lightboxes are viewable 24 hours a day.

East End Moving Image

The East End Moving Image Program is an initiative of the City of Adelaide to forge deeper relationships with the arts community by presenting moving image content, which activates the city at night, delighting unsuspecting audiences and contributing to the evening economy.

The program on the Rundle Street Projector can be viewed via our city webcams.