Chill out in the Park Lands

An endless amount of uni work to do? Picked up one too many shifts at work? We know that feeling all too well when the stresses of life pile up, and while we know we should make time for our mental health and wellbeing, it’s so easy to create excuses for ourselves.

Join us in prioritising our mental health and wellbeing by getting outdoors and exploring Adelaide’s Park Lands. It’s easy, at the start of the week set aside an hour or two and follow our guide below to some of the best spots in the Park Lands to take photos, enjoy a scenic walk or meditate. You’ll be finding your zen in no time!

Let your creativity run wild

Photogenic spots are around every corner in the Park Lands just waiting to be snapped. Whether you've got a camera or use your phone, you're guaranteed to take a good photo in these picturesque locations. Why not try these locations?

Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka

Located in the city’s East, Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka is home to the idyllic Rymill Lake, an Alice in Wonderland statue and picturesque gardens. You're sure to get a good shot here!

Riverbank Park Lands

Whether you’ve got the Adelaide Oval as your backdrop, the city skyline or the picturesque gardens, the Riverbank Park Lands are a one-stop shop to create a varied photo album!

Take a stroll

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a stroll in fresh air to clear your mind, regroup and take time out of your busy day. Our Adelaide Park Lands Trail loop is sure to wake up your mind and get those steps in.

Make time to meditate

With free apps, podcasts and playlists, it’s never been easier to meditate on the go! Why not stop in at the Adelaide Himeji Gardens and escape to the serenity of Japan. With plenty of spots ideal for settling into meditation, you’re sure to unwind your mind and find your zen with meditation in Himeji.