Switch to paperless billing and receive electronic rates notices through Ezybill

Receiving your City of Adelaide rates notices electronically is a great way to manage your bills, go paperless, protect your privacy, and help the environment.

By registering for Ezybill you will have the convenience of receiving your quarterly rates notice via email and have access to your notices through the Ezybill portal from any electronic device 24 hours a day making payment both easy and convenient.

To register for Ezybill you will need to:

  1. Register your details on the Ezybill website.
  2. When registered, a verification email will be issued to your nominated email address.
  3. Open the email and click the link to verify your registration and activate your account. This link expires 4 hours from the time of issue. However, there is an option for you to request an updated activation account if you were unable to do it within that timeframe.
  4. Register your properties by entering the requested information from your latest rates notice.

Register for Ezybill

Overdue and other rates related communications will continue to be issued to your postal address, so it is important you keep your details up to date with us.

Important information

Existing BPAYView customers

If you are already registered for BPAYView rate notice delivery and you register your property for the Ezybill delivery option, you shall receive rate notices by both methods.

Third-Party Registration

When registering the Ownership/Ratepayer details provided must match that recorded against the property to enable approval. If you need to register on behalf of another person, then a written third-party authorisation or power of attorney document should be provided to the City of Adelaide prior to registration.

Spam or Junk Folder

If you registered for Ezybill and have not received your quarterly rate notice email we recommend checking your Spam or junk folders. Depending on your internet service providers (ISP) settings it may be treated as a possible virus threat and moved into these folders or deleted as a possible virus threat.

To avoid this happening check your email settings and whitelist [email protected] or contact your ISP if you need assistance.

Delivery failure

It is important to keep your postal address and contact details up to date. If Council receives a ‘delivery failure’ notification from your email address, a paper rates notice will be sent to your most recent postal address.

Need more information?

If you have further questions about Ezybill or the registration process, please contact the Customer Centre: