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Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network that is being rolled out to commercial buildings across the City of Adelaide. The network will enable businesses and organisations to share and receive high volumes of data at phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds.

The transformational network will unleash a wide range of new possibilities for businesses and organisations, without being inhibited by the restrictions and congestion often experienced with traditional internet services. Each service in the Ten Gigabit Adelaide suite has its own, dedicated and uncontested connection, meaning businesses can access the same upload and download speeds via a clean, super-fast, low-latency connection.

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the ‘Official Network Provider’ to install and operate the network and provide a range of high-performance services for the business community.

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Ten Gigabit Adelaide is already connected to 700 buildings in the Adelaide CBD, with a further 300 buildings in the process of being connected in North Adelaide. All 1,000 selected buildings are to be connected by June 2020.

Enter the address for your business in the address checker below to find out if your building is connected to Ten Gigabit Adelaide.

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