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Adelaide has reached a new era of connectivity with Ten Gigabit Adelaide, Australia’s first city-wide fibre optic network. This landmark project gives businesses and organisations in the city and North Adelaide access to world-class digital infrastructure.

1000 buildings across the CBD and North Adelaide are now connected to the enterprise grade fibre network enabling thousands of businesses and organisations to reliably share and receive high volumes of data at phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds.

The Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is scalable and affordable with industry leading rates and suits dynamic businesses and organisations that need to transfer large volumes of data regularly and quickly.

With an ultra-fast, low-latency connection, the network can support the digital transformation of businesses moving from onsite servers or storage to cloud-based technologies. Connection to the network can help lower the response time for secure real time transactions and customer interactions.

The Ten Gigabit Adelaide network opens up endless possibilities for businesses. An uncontended experience with dedicated fibre allows organisations to operate securely without congestion or restrictions often associated with traditional data connections. Further innovation and collaboration can be realised as customers seamlessly connect directly with each other across the network.

Adelaide has a history of thoughtful innovation and planning with progressive, world-changing ideas and projects. Its unique city grid design allowed the City of Adelaide and ‘Official Network Provider’, TPG Telecom, to roll-out the network quickly and efficiently.

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1000 buildings across the CBD and North Adelaide are now connected to the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network, providing access for thousands of businesses.

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