Walking in the City

Walking in the City


297,900 metres of footpath

Within the CBD


Over 30 trails

To try within the CBD


Over 760 hectares

Of park lands to explore


Try just 10 minutes

For added wellbeing

The City of Adelaide was designed with enjoyment in mind.

Colonel William Light's vision of a grid with large public squares, wide streets and an encircling belt of Park Lands, makes Adelaide the perfect spot to explore by foot.

Adelaide's grid pattern makes it easy to navigate and its compactness makes walking a great way to get around and explore the city.

South Terrace to North Terrace is about a 20-minute stroll and East Terrace to West Terrace can be walked in less than 30 minutes.

Along the way there are plenty of sights to stop and see.

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Walking is not only good for individual wellbeing, but for whole community wellbeing too!

Did you know...

  • Australian guidelines recommend adults (18-64 years old) do at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a week but in SA only 65% are?
  • Try fitting even short, 10 minute walks in your day, to start to feel healthier and happier, live longer and with a higher quality of life!
  • Perhaps aim to boost your walk benefits by carrying some weight; walking with your shopping will increase fitness and strength benefits.

So get out there and discover how you can walk more!

Trails to try

Walking events coming up

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