Infrastructure renewals

The City of Adelaide provide assets, facilities and programs that meet the needs and expectations of our community.

We undertake ongoing planning, delivery and monitoring of our existing assets.

We ensure existing assets are maintained, renewed and upgraded to enhance the liveability and environmental sustainability of our city.

Renewals and maintenance works are aligned to Asset Management Plans and current assets.

They are identified in the Annual Business Plan and Budget and contribute towards delivering on our strategic directions.

In FY2023/24 we have allocated $50.41m to Renewals.

2023/24 asset renewals

The below table represents asset renewals for 2023/24 by Council’s Asset Management Plan categories.

Project2023/24 Budget
Asset Renewal Delivery Resource$5.5m
Commercial Plant & Fleet$0.12m
Information Management$1.79m
Kerb and Water Table$2.77m
Lighting & Electrical$4.21m
Park Lands & Open Space$.0.69m
Plant & Fleet$2.70m
Traffic Signals$2.38m
Urban Elements$4.16m
Water Infrastructure$2.75m
Total Renewals$50.41m