City of Adelaide council periodic elections are held every four years. They decide the Lord Mayor and Councillors who will represent the city.

The last elections were in November 2018. You can view and learn about the current Lord Mayor and Councillors

The next periodic elections will be in 2022.

Due to the resignation of Councillor Robert Simms in April 2021, Council held a supplementary election to fill the Area Councillor vacancy.

2021 Supplementary election - key dates

Roll Close5:00 pm, Friday 30 April 2021
Opening of nominationsThursday 27 May 2021
Close of nominations12 noon, Thursday 10 June 2021
Ballot packs mailed outTuesday 6 July 2021 to Monday 12 July 2021
Close of Voting (Polling Day)12 noon, Monday 26 July 2021
Vote count9:30 am, Thursday 5 August 2021

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Candidates - Area Councillor

Supplementary Election Results

Congratulations to Keiran Snape who has been elected Area Councillor in the 2021 Supplementary Election. The release of these results were certified by the Electoral Commissioner Tuesday 10 August 2021.

Please see below breakdown of the results:

Candidate1st Preference VotePercentage
BARBARO, Frank59713.39%
SNAPE, Kieran (Elected)112625.26%
WALLACE, Andrew59113.26%
VLASSIS, Theo73316.44%
SAYYAR DASHTI, Shahin1713.84%
BOOKLESS-PRATZ, Ingmar (Alex)1583.54%
SPENCER, Kel108224.27%

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Frequently asked questions

Further information about the election process is available on our frequently asked questions page.

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If you have further questions please see the ECSA website or contact our Council Liaison Officer:

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