Heritage resources

Our heritage resources provide a wealth of information, from conservation advice and standard drawings to economic studies and thematic research – whatever you need, we have what you are looking for!

The following technical notes produced by the City of Adelaide provide you with information on common work that takes place on heritage properties:

SEE ALSO: Technical Conservation Notes produced by the South Australian Department of Environment and Water.

These specifications are available upon request and can be used by tradespeople and owners during the Development Approval process:

  • Damp proof injection
  • Masonry conservation
  • Salt damp management
  • Corrugated roofing
  • Guttering and down pipes
  • Paint removal
  • Undersetting

Every project is different. We recommend you contact Council’s experienced Heritage Architects, who can provide the correct specification for each conservation project, as well as providing tailored advice in relation to a particular building’s needs.

This guide aims to provide owners, consultants and contractors with sufficient information to understand what causes salt attack and rising damp, and to diagnose and identify appropriate repairs for cases common to Australia.

This publication is ideal for owners and custodians of older buildings. Although it refers to conserving heritage significance, the principles apply to all older buildings regardless of heritage status.

This technical guide is an essential resource for anyone wishing to repair older stone or brick buildings in Australia.

Written by David Young OAM, an acknowledged expert in the use and application of traditional mortars, this guide is also supported by the heritage councils of each state.

The Economic Value of Built Heritage in the City of Adelaide - 2018

The City of Adelaide commissioned SGS Planning & Economics to assess the value of Adelaide’s built heritage, including the financial benefits of the City of Adelaide’s Heritage Incentives Scheme.

Key findings from the study include:

  • $1.68 return to the South Australian economy for every $1 invested via the City of Adelaide’s Heritage Incentives Scheme (HIS).
  • The HIS has contributed $395m to Gross State Product and supports 3,000 jobs.
  • Over $20m invested by the City of Adelaide over the 30 years of operation of HIS.

Australian Heritage Strategy - 2015

The Australian Government released the Australian Heritage Strategy, a national strategy for the management of Australia’s heritage for the next ten years.

It defines actions to ensure that our magnificent heritage places are protected for future generations. These are based on national leadership, strong partnerships and engaged communities.

Economic Benefit of Heritage Tourism Study - 2015

The City of Adelaide commissioned Tourism Research Services (WA) to assess the Economic Benefit of Adelaide’s Heritage to tourism.

Visitors who stayed at least one night in Adelaide were questioned about features of Adelaide which influenced their decision to visit and stay. This, in turn, enabled an evaluation, in dollar terms, of the amount of tourists’ expenditure attributable to heritage compared with other features. Direct heritage tourism expenditure was valued at $375 million annually.

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