Reference guides

The City of Adelaide's Archives Collection holds a wealth of records, documents and information dating back to 1840 when the Council, Australia's oldest, was first formed.

This series of Reference Guides has been created by the team at the Archives office to assist you in locating the items you need. Each guide has been specifically tailored to match common search types.

Election of the first city council 1840

The Corporation of the City of Adelaide was brought into being on 19 August 1840, by a special Ordinance (Ordinance No. 4 of 1840).

Historic city hotel records

The City of Adelaide Archives Collection contains a variety of records relating to hotels in the vicinity. Researchers can use this reference guide to help with their searches.

Postwar development of the Adelaide CBD

Adelaide emerged from the Second World War a depleted and distracted city, its focus having been firmly fixed on implementing effective civil defence measures.

Records relating to the supply and sale of food within the city

The supply and sale of food within the City of Adelaide is a fundamental business activity that has existed since the first settlers arrived in 1836.

Street traders

This reference sheet lists the many references to Street Traders across the City of Adelaide archives.

The Colonel Light ceremony

The annual ceremony of drinking to the memory of Colonel William Light (1786 – 1839), founder of the City of Adelaide, was instituted in 1859, when a silver bowl was presented to the Mayor and Corporation of Adelaide by four of the original founders of the colony who wished to preserve the memory of the late Colonel.

The Great Depression

This guide has been prepared to assist those researching the provision of welfare services within the City of Adelaide during the Great Depression of 1929 and the years afterwards.

The Smith Survey

Learn about the historic Smith Survey and view the complete works as found in the City of Adelaide Archives Collection.

Town Hall concert records

The Adelaide Town Hall has always been a popular venue for concerts. This reference guide will help you research the City Archives for information about concerts held there.