About civic events & recognition

Formally recognising and celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of individuals, groups, organisations to city life.

The City of Adelaide is proud to celebrate the many ways that our community positively influences and impacts life in our district.

Whether you’re an individual, community group, business or organisation, through Civic events and recognition the Lord Mayor and Elected Members provide opportunities to recognise and celebrate your contributions, accomplishments, milestones and achievements.

Civic events are held at the discretion of the Lord Mayor. They can be a result of requests from members of the public or can be initiated by Elected Members or the Lord Mayor.

Citizenship ceremonies are one example of civic events, but they can also be held to:

  • recognise the achievements of groups or individuals and acknowledge their significant contribution to the city
  • support community milestones and anniversaries
  • acknowledge historical milestones
  • welcome community members and organisations as well as key international figures to Town Hall and the city.

Civic recognition acknowledges the outstanding contribution of an individual or organisation in furthering the ideals of the City of Adelaide, or recognises outstanding achievement. They can include:

  • keys to the City
  • Freedom of Entry to the City, given to Defence Forces
  • Citizen of the Year Awards
  • letters of Recognition
  • charitable assistance
  • events, meetings and partnership opportunities
  • awards for members of Council

Requesting a Civic event or recognition

Individuals and organisations are welcome to send a request to the Lord Mayor for Civic recognition or hosting a Civic event.

To be eligible:

  • the function/event must be held for endeavours that are consistent with and contribute to, City of Adelaide strategic priorities.
  • the request celebrates a historical milestone or other significant events.
  • there must be a clear link between the occasion or event, its proposers/initiators, and the City of Adelaide.
  • the organisation must not have received recognition/function/ event within the past 12 months.
  • charitable organisations should be a registered non-profit organisation that provides a direct service to people in need in the City of Adelaide.

How to apply

To apply, please send a letter of request to [email protected]

Need more information?

For any further enquires on civic events & recognition, please contact the Civic Coordinator:

PO Box 2252, Adelaide, SA 5001