Waste management for multi-unit dwellings

The City of Adelaide offers kerbside residential waste management services for eligible multi-unit dwellings (MUDs).

Residential buildings must be designed in a manner that permits safe and efficient servicing by the City of Adelaide to qualify for the service.

We have a waste generation calculator for individuals involved in the development or management of buildings containing multiple residential dwellings.

Development applicants can use the tool to estimate the number of bins they may be eligible for and the space they would need for an on-site three-bin system.

The estimates can be used to help ensure their waste and resource recovery plan application that meets City of Adelaide requirements.

Collection services

The Council provides eligible multi-unit dwellings with:

  • general waste (660 or 1100 litre red lidded bins)
  • recycling (660 or 1100 litre yellow lidded bins)
  • organic waste such as food and garden waste (240 litre green lidded bins and an 8 litre kitchen caddy per apartment)
Waste management muds

Calculate your waste generation and space requirements

The results from this calculator are an estimate and your final entitlement will be subject to approval by the council.

To generate your estimate you will need to provide the:

  • land use type
  • number of apartments
  • number of bedrooms in total
  • property address

Ways you can help reduce waste

City of Adelaide aims for zero avoidable waste to landfill. You can play an important part.

Waste management for multi unit dwellings reusable cup

Reducing Single-Use Items

Replace single-use items like coffee cups, plastic water bottles, disposable utensils, and shopping bags with reusable alternatives. Invest in a reusable coffee cup and water bottle, bring your own cloth bags when shopping, and opt for durable utensils instead of disposable ones.

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Waste management for multi unit dwellings composting

Composting Organic Waste

Residents can collect a free kitchen caddy from the City of Adelaide. Start recycling organic waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and eggshells. Using the City of Adelaide’s FOGO (food organics and green organics) service reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and creates nutrient-rich soil for gardening through composting.

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Waste management for multi unit dwellings clothes

Donating or Repurposing Unwanted Items

Consider donating gently used items to charity or repurposing them for other uses. Clothes, furniture, and household items can find new homes through donation, while jars and containers can be repurposed for storage or DIY projects. For more information visit our website:

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