Accessible parking

If you have a temporary or permanent Disability Parking Permit there are several parking options available.

The disability parking permit, issued by the South Australian government must be clearly displayed: either hanging from the rear view mirror or on the passenger side of the dashboard of the vehicle.

Accessible parking options

Accessible parking spaces

Accessible parking spaces (known as blue bays) are sign-posted or have the accessibility symbol painted on the road surface or signs covering the space.

You can find accessible parking spaces easily using the Blue Bays App, available on Android and iTunes or via the Blue Bays web viewer.

Please note: if parking in a designated accessible parking space, the time limit on the sign applies (i.e. no extra time is permitted).

Time limited spaces

If your vehicle is clearly displaying a Disability Parking Permit, you have the option of parking in a standard time-limited parking space. You will then be entitled to additional time to the marked sign as follows:

  • If the signed time limit is less than 30 minutes, the time limit for a Disability Parking Permit holder will be 30 minutes.
  • If the signed time limit is between 30 minutes and one hour, the time limit for a Disability Parking Permit holder will be two hours.
  • If the signed time limit is more than one hour, the time limit for a Disability Parking Permit holder will twice the period indicated on the sign.

Paid parking spaces

You may choose to utilise a ticket parking space within Adelaide city or North Adelaide. Provided your Disability Parking Permit is clearly displayed, you are not required to purchase a ticket or pay for the parking session. The time extensions detailed above will be granted, however, please note the following:

  • No concessions apply when parking in a Loading Zone.
  • Your vehicle cannot stay if the space changes to a restrictive zone (such as No Stopping or Bus zone) – please always check the signs carefully before leaving your vehicle.
  • You must purchase a ticket if parking in a UPark or off-street car park.
  • Disability Parking Permit holders cannot park in spaces marked ‘Permit Only’ - their type of permit is valid only in marked accessible spaces.

Remember: The vehicle must be used for transporting the permit holder.

UPark off-street parking

The City of Adelaide operates the UPark off-street carparks. You can apply for an Accessibility Pass which entitles you to two hours free parking, up to 52 times per year.

Refer to the UPark website for more information.