Helicopter landings & take offs

Applications must be made to the City of Adelaide and approved before the Adelaide Park Lands can be used for helicopter landings and takeoffs.

The information below provides an overview of the process and key conditions that need to be met to obtain a permit. As each application is unique, we recommend contacting a member of staff to discuss your proposal before submitting a formal application.

Who can apply?

All applications received will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The application process may involve notification or consultation with sports license holders or the public.

Applications are most commonly sought for flights for media companies to cover emerging emergencies or stories that will be of high interest to our state, or a major event in the city.

Conditions and how to apply

A maximum of six helicopter landings per year can be approved for any one company. The reason for this cap is primarily to:

  • maintain the primary use of the Park Lands and allow the community access
  • minimise the level of disruptive noise for local residents
  • protect the biodiversity and condition of the parklands overall.

To apply for permission to undertake a helicopter landing in the Park Lands, you’ll need to complete a City Works application form.

The completed form must be accompanied by the following supporting documentation:

  • a certificate of currency of your Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $20 million, noting City of Adelaide as an interested party
  • a Traffic Management Plan/ Site Plan which details the location of the takeoff/ landing zone, spotters, distances and pedestrian management to ensure public safety at all times
  • confirmation of consultation that has been undertaken with any affected parties around your takeoff/ landing zone.

As part of the application and approval process, licensees or booked users of any relevant Park Land will need to be consulted.

When operating under a permit to land or take off in the City of Adelaide, two-way communication with Adelaide Air Traffic Control must be established and maintained whilst on the ground. In addition, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure they hold all appropriate approvals from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).


Fees are based on a per landing/take off basis and included in the City of Adelaide’s fees and charges schedule

Need more information?

If you need more information or would like to discuss your proposal, please contact the customer centre:

08 8203 7203

Send an email