Business promotions & free samples

Promotional activities are a great way to put your product or business in the public spotlight.

Businesses wanting to conduct a promotion and engage the public within Adelaide city and North Adelaide can do so once they've obtained an On-street activity permit.

Types of promotion

There are three main types of promotional activities:

Distribution of free samples - refers to merchandise or any sealed food products, such as yoghurt, packet soup and chocolates, being given away with no obligation placed on the person accepting the sample.

- refers to handing out items such as pamphlets and discount vouchers to advertise a particular product or business.

Business promotions
– refers to the temporary use of a public area (usually adjacent to a business) for a promotional activity that engages the public. Examples of small activation include a bike business using a public area for bike repairs during the Tour Down Under or a food business extending their outdoor dining for the Melbourne Cup.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply for an On-street activity permit for the purpose of handing out free samples and business promotions.

Where can I hold my promotion?

Various public areas within the city and North Adelaide can be used to conduct a business promotion. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Please note the following locations are not covered under a City of Adelaide permit as they fall within the jurisdiction of other authorities:

Please note: business promotions will only be approved in locations where there is no direct conflict or competition with a local business.

Conditions of promotion

The On-Street Activities Operating Guidelines detail the principles and conditions for business promotions and handing out free samples.

For promotions where flyers or free samples are handed out, up to two people are allowed in an area for a maximum of three hours. A minimal amount of infrastructure can be used with this type of activity.

Small business activations (using more infrastructure) can be approved for a longer time frame and are assessed on a case by case basis.


The costs for the On-street activity permits can be found in City of Adelaide’s current fees and charges schedule

Fees are based on the area used for your activity

Use our permit fee calculator to estimate your fees before applying. (Please note that 1 person = 2 square metres)

Select a calculator

Distribution of Free Samples

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Fee calculator

Business Promotions

Fee calculator


Activity typeActivityFee
Distribution of free samples - Business activation2 people handing out free samples in a public space for 5 days$34.00
Flyering - Community activation4 people from a not for profit organisation handing out promotional flyers in a public space for 1 day$4.80
Business promotionA business activation occupying a public space with an area of 9m² for 2 days $30.60

Ready to apply?

An application for an On-street activity permit can be easily made online. Before you start, please have the following handy as you will need to submit:

  • a description and example (such as a photo) of the item to be distributed
  • a Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $20 million and noting City of Adelaide as an interested party
  • a map showing the location(s) – note the location conditions above
  • a plan showing the setup of any infrastructure (if applicable).

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