Restoration of 293 Morphett Street

House and Former Blacksmith’s Shop - Morphett Street, Adelaide

This house and former blacksmith's shop was constructed in 1848 as a three-roomed cottage. The one-roomed shop was later added in 1857. 

The building is significant for not just its age but its illustration of early building techniques which are valuable reminders of the development of Adelaide.

The property was purchased by Martha Standley in 1913 from who the most recent owner is descended.

The appearance of the property has changed little since its initial construction. By the early 1990s the property had deteriorated externally and was deemed unfit for habitation.

In 1998 a partnership between the owner, City of Adelaide and a community housing group was formed to save the building and enable the owner to continue to occupy her family home. The City of Adelaide Heritage Incentives Scheme provided approximately $40k funding along with an additional $60k provided through a low-income housing fund to conserve the façade (salt damp works), structurally stabilise the parapet to the shopfront and modernise the interior. 

Watch these videos that tell the story of the house and former blacksmith's shop project: