Supplying goods, works or services

The City of Adelaide requires a large variety of goods, works and services to fulfil the day to day operational requirements of the city and to achieve the strategic objectives of the Council.

As such, the City of Adelaide has an established, centre-led, Procurement and Contract Management Team, which facilitates the end-to-end lifecycle of purchases with City of Adelaide employees and suppliers through procurement planning, sourcing and contract management.

The purchasing practices undertaken by the Procurement and Contract Management team, along with City of Adelaide employees, is governed by the City of Adelaide’s procurement policy.

Procurement policy

The Procurement Policy is established pursuant to section 49 of the Local Government Act 1999 (SA) and aims to adhere to the following principles:

  • Obtaining value in the expenditure of public money;
  • Providing for ethical and fair treatment of participants;
  • Ensuring probity, accountability and transparency in procurement operations;
  • The use of local goods and services (where appropriate); and
  • Social, environmental and economic sustainability considerations.

The City of Adelaide has standard procedures determined for undertaking purchases, based upon the amount of expenditure and level of risk associated, to ensure compliance with the Council’s legislative obligations and the principles of the Procurement Policy.

View the Procurement Policy

Supplier guide

The City of Adelaide has developed a guide, intended to provide suppliers with information on identifying opportunities to supply goods, works or services to the City of Adelaide, bidding on opportunities with the City of Adelaide and working with the City of Adelaide. Suppliers are encouraged to download and view the supplier guide.

This guide is not intended to cover all aspects of what is required to participate in a procurement process with the City of Adelaide. Prospective suppliers should always carry out their own independent due-diligence prior to participating in any procurement process.

View and download the Supplier Guide

Need more information?

If you have a specific enquiry please contact the Council Procurement and Contracts Management team: