Disposal of liquid waste

Liquid waste must be stored and disposed of safely to protect the environment and your business.

Do not dump liquid waste down any drains, public stormwater sewers or outside ground surfaces.

Dumping liquid waste in public drains is unlawful.

    Types of liquid waste

    • Petrol products
    • Fats
    • Oils
    • Greases
    • Industrial solvents

    Your responsibilities

    • Contact a licensed liquid waste disposal company to dispose of liquid waste.
    • Ensure liquid container lids are secure when moving them to avoid spills.
    • Keep absorbent material (cat litter, paper towel) on your premise in case of a spill.
    • Report spills immediately to the EPA or Council.

    Reporting liquid spills or illegal dumping

    If you see any liquid spills or illegal dumping, please report this to the EPA or Council immediately. 

    You must provide a location and description of the incident.

    Call the SA Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

    Call our Customer Centre

    Need more information?

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