Noise management incentives

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Services to help you address external noise issues in your city home.

Living in the city is great, but sometimes the external noises can make their way into your home, impeding your quality of life. 

To help address this, the City of Adelaide offers eligible residents incentives to help address and rectify these issues.

The assistance and funding which we received from City of Adelaide in connection with their Noise Management Program was excellent. Having double glazing installed has enabled us to have the vibrant City lifestyle on our doorstep whilst enjoying undisturbed sleep at all times. – South-East Resident

Acoustic Advisory Service

The Acoustic Advisory Service (AAS) provides a free consultation service with a qualified acoustic engineer to provide general acoustic advice to eligible residents.

The service makes recommendations on possible physical changes to their residence to address external noise issues, and assesses the suitability of work for financial assistance under Council’s Noise Management Incentive Scheme.

You will receive:

  • A free consultation consisting of one phone call or site visit by Council’s external acoustic engineer of up to 30 minutes duration.
  • A copy of the engineer’s report listing recommended noise attenuation measures for the relevant residential property and noise concern/s

Noise Management Incentive Scheme

The Noise Management Incentive Scheme (NMIS) is first of its type in Australia.

Making acoustic improvements to your home can be very technical and at times quite expensive. That’s where we can help!

The Scheme provides independent advice for your individual situation and reimburses a proportion of the costs involved in undertaking the recommended acoustic works, 50% up to a maximum of $3,000.

The benefit of acoustic works

While acoustic works will improve the comfort of your city residence by significantly reducing external noise from passing into your home, they also have many added benefits including: 

  • improved energy efficiency and comfort: double and/or retro-fit secondary glazing will reduce the costs of heating and cooling, contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gases and improve the energy efficiency of your home.
  • improved re-sale value of your home: acoustic works can increase the value and saleability of your property.
  • acoustic works can also reduce condensation: upgrade your glazing to the current Australian Standards, increase security and eliminate or reduce the need for window coverings.

Owners of a residential property are eligible for the Noise Management Incentive Scheme if:

  • The resident has contacted the Acoustic Advisory Service and received initial advice via site visit or phone call;
  • The Noise Attenuation Works are consistent with works recommended as part of the Acoustic Advisory Service;
  • The Noise Attenuation Works acoustically treat the entire space/room;
  • The Noise Attenuation Works have received the relevant development approvals (if required);
  • The Noise Attenuation Works have not commenced installation;
  • The total cost of the Noise Attenuation Works is equal to or greater than $500;
  • There is no form of debt or charge outstanding in favour of Council on the part of either the building or the owner; and
  • The Noise Attenuation Works improve the amenity of a City residence by significantly and effectively reducing external noise in accordance with the noise attenuation levels set in the Adelaide (City) Development Plan.

Please read the Noise Management Incentive Scheme Guidelines before applying.

To apply for the Noise Management Incentive Scheme, you'll first need to contact the City of Adelaide, on 8203 7203 to discuss your situation and to arrange an initial Acoustic Advisory Service (AAS) site visit.

  • Once the AAS visit has occurred, you should obtain quotes based on the advice given at the time of the AAS site visit.
  • If the proposed acoustic work is external to the residence, or the residence is heritage listed, a Development Application may be required. Contact Council’s Duty Planner on 8203 7185 to confirm.
  • Complete the NMIS Application Form and submit it together with all supporting documentation/quotes
  • Once submitted, applications and supporting documentation are assessed by Council. Please note: Funding is limited, and there is no guarantee of funding.
  • You will be notified on the outcome of your application. Please note: Funds are valid for six months. If this time expires, you will need to reapply.


    Once you've received approval, the approved acoustic works can begin.

    When the work is complete, you'll need to notify Council’s Project Consultant – Noise to arrange a final AAS site visit. This is to ensure that the completed works meet the conditions of the approved NMIS application.

    You can then pay for work and present proof of payment to Council as soon as possible. Council will reimburse the allocation in accordance with the Operating Guidelines.

    Need more information?

    If you have any questions regarding the noise management incentives, please contact the City of Adelaide: