About Council meetings

Council is accountable to the city community for city leadership and strategy development that delivers benefit for all South Australians.

Council meetings are the primary forum for decision making and are held in accordance with the legislatively required meeting procedures and the City of Adelaide Standing Orders. The Lord Mayor, Sandy Verschoor presides over these meetings.

When does Council meet?

Council meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at Adelaide Town Hall.

  • Council generally meets in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Adelaide.
  • Committees generally meets in the Colonel Light Room, Town Hall, Adelaide.

To find out when meetings are held, simply view all dates on the Council Meeting Calendar

In addition, informal gatherings or discussions are convened occasionally as a non-decision making forum to provide training, discussion on strategic and/or complex matters. These gatherings and discussions are held in accordance with Council’s policy provided for in the Standing Orders.

Public participation in meetings

All meetings of Council and its committees are generally open to the public and media. Under the Local Government Act 1999 (SA), the public may be excluded from part of a meeting if it is necessary to receive, discuss or consider a matter in confidence. Confidential items will be identified on the meeting agenda and the meeting must formally resolve to exclude the public from the meeting. Wherever possible these matters are dealt with towards the end of the meeting.

There are several ways you can get involved in the Council meetings. We’ve detailed them for you on the Public Involvement page. 

Please note due to legislatively required current COVID-19 social distancing protocols there are very limited spaces for public to physically attend meetings and therefore watching the live stream remains the best way to watch proceedings.

If you are keen to physically attend a Council or committee meeting please contact Council Governance to register your interest by phone 8203 7447 or at [email protected]. Please note registrations of interest should be received by 3.00pm on the day of the meeting you are looking to attend.

Once we receive a registration of interest a team member will contact you to discuss your attendance. Attendance is not guaranteed and will be determined by numbers of registrations received, number of deputations received and whether a decision has been made to hold the meeting remotely (as may be done on a case by case basis).

For each meeting we will provide Town Hall Security with a list of people who can attend and who will need to sign in when they arrive at Town Hall.

If you have already submitted a request to speak at Council (deputation) then you do not need to separately register. Priority for public to attend meetings is given to those approved to speak to Council by way of a deputation.

Agendas and minutes

In line with changes made to the legislative requirements around printed meeting documents as part of COVID-19 responses, there are no printed copies of the meeting Agendas available in the Customer Service Centre prior to the meeting or available at the meeting.

All agendas and minutes, including past meetings, are available to download.