City of Adelaide By-laws

By-laws are designed to provide good governance of the City of Adelaide area, and assist us to provide a convenient, safe, and comfortable space for our community. To support a vibrant and welcoming city to visit, live and work, By-laws enable us to manage the city’s public realm and certain activities on private land.

We pride our self with being responsive to the ever-changing needs of our community. 

By-laws must be reviewed and made every seven years, however there is opportunity to review and make By-laws on a more frequent basis if required. As with any alteration to policy or law, public consultation outcomes will inform any changes so that we can continue to support a safe, inclusive, and vibrant city.

Current By-laws

You can download the following City of Adelaide By-laws. Alternatively, copies are available for viewing during business hours at our Customer Centre, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide. 

To provide for a permit system, set penalties for breaches of by-laws, provide for certain matters pertaining to liability and evidence, set regulatory requirements, clarify the construction of Council’s by-laws and for related purposes.

Permits and Penalties By-law 2018

To protect visual amenity and public safety on roads by setting standards for moveable signs and providing conditions for the design, construction and placement of such signs in a manner which recognises the advertising needs of businesses to maximise economic viability.

Moveable Signs By-law 2018

For the management of all land vested in or under the care, control and management of the Council.

Local Government Land By-law 2018

For the management of roads vested in or under the control of the Council.

Roads By-law 2018

For the prevention and suppression of nuisances, obstructions and risks to public health by regulating and controlling the management of public places, kerbside removal of domestic, recyclable and green organic waste from premises, for regulating the management of Council property and otherwise for the good rule and government of the area and for the comfort, convenience and safety of its inhabitants.

Waste Management By-law 2018

For the management of Rundle Mall as a Pedestrian Mall.

Rundle Mall By-law 2018
Rundle Mall map attachment

To limit the number of dogs that can be kept on premises and to provide for the control and management of dogs in the Councils area.

Dogs By-law 2018
Adelaide Park Lands dog management map

To provide for the control and management of cats in the Council’s area.

Cats By-law 2018

For the controlling, licensing, inspecting and regulating of lodging houses.

Lodging Houses By-law 2018

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