Olive collection

Olive trees in the Parklands and some garden beds are now within fruit fly outbreak areas.

If you're an olive collection permit holder and moving olives from these areas for production at a commercial facility, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) requires you to apply for an Inspector’s Direction Certificate.

Did you know City of Adelaide permits members of the public to register for an olive collection permit?

The permit entitles the holder to collect olives from trees located within the Park Lands with the exception of fenced areas within Bonython Park / Tulya Wardli, and trees located within garden beds.

Map showing permitted olive collection area

Restricted area in Tulya Wodii (Park 27) is highlighted in yellow.

Permit conditions

The person(s) collecting the olives must:

  • ensure the quantity collected does not exceed that considered to be required for normal domestic use
  • at all times exercise care and discretion to avoid disturbance to residents and users of the Park Lands
  • exercise every precaution to avoid damage to the trees, that is no shaking, beating or removal of branches
  • under no circumstances climb into a tree when collecting olives
  • obey all reasonable and legal verbal instructions from any corporation officer or police officer
  • indemnify the City of Adelaide for any liability in respect of injury, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the collection of the olives or its produce
  • not drive or park any motor vehicle or trailer on the Park Lands
  • apply for an Inspector’s Direction Certificate from the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) if moving the olives for processing at a commercial facility.

In addition, the person(s) collecting the olives must ensure that all equipment used in the olive collection does not create any risk to the general public. You are entirely responsible for the storage and care of all their materials and equipment. Before leaving an area, clear and carry away from the site all litter, branches, twigs and leaves that may be about or under the olive trees after picking

The City of Adelaide does not accept any liability for any loss or damages caused by or in connection with collecting the olives or its produce. Each olive picker undertakes this activity at their own risk.


No fee is applicable to the olive collection permit.

Ready to apply?

You need to complete the online form for olive collections. Upon registration, you will automatically receive an email with the terms and conditions, as well as permit valid for four months.

Apply for an olive collection permit