Objects on footpath

Footpaths and pavements provide safe and defined pedestrian movement throughout the city and North Adelaide, and where suitable,  can be used to attract customers.

Businesses wanting to attract customers using an object such as a display table promoting their products can do so by applying for an Objects on footpath permit.


To use a moveable sign such as an A-frame or T-frame, you do not have to apply for a permit. You just need to meet the below conditions.

An A-frame can be placed on the footpath in front of your business if you:

  •  are a ground floor business or have a private doorway/entrance to your non- ground floor business
  • are in an area that is not within a Bus, Taxi or Loading Zone, and
  • have a footpath area with a width of approximately 3 metres.

If you meet the above conditions you must also ensure your A-frame can be placed:

  • 2 metres from the building line (to ensure a pedestrian thoroughfare is maintained at all times and to limit obstructions for the vision impaired)
  • 0.6 metres from the street kerb
  • 1 metre from any street infrastructure (including poles, benches and trees).

For more information regarding A-frames please read through the City of Adelaide’s Objects on Footpath Guidelines


Under no circumstances can an A-frame be placed:

  • on a footpath that is the boundary of the Park Lands, square or reserve
  • on a footpath that is grassed, landscaped or gardened
  • on Rundle Mall and ceremonial streets such as North Terrace and King William Street (between North Terrace and Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga)
  • on a footpath within a Bus, Taxi or Loading Zone.

You will need to obtain an Objects on footpath permit for: 

  • objects that physically touch the pavement (such as display tables and planter boxes) 
  • objects that are elevated or intrude on the public space (such as flags, banners, hanging products and displays) 

This ensures that they are safely placed on footpaths within the city and North Adelaide.

Conditions and eligibility

The City of Adelaide’s Objects on Footpath Guidelines detail the conditions for all objects that intrude on public footpaths and require a permit.

Please read through these guidelines to find out if your business is eligible for an Objects on footpath permit.

Applications are assessed on a case by basis against Council’s guidelines and all external factors are taken into consideration to ensure public safety is not compromised.

Special conditions may be attached to individual permits if there is a need to specify certain locations and display areas.


The permit costs for Objects on footpath can be found in the City of Adelaide's fees and charges schedule.

Use our permit fee calculator to estimate your fees before applying.

Retail Displays

Fee calculator


Activity typeActivityFee
Business activationA clothing rack occupying 2m² of public space for 1 year$120

Ready to apply for a permit?

An application for an Objects on footpath permit can be easily made online. Before you start, please have the following handy as you will need to submit:

  • a description and image of your object (photograph or drawing) noting its measurements
  • a Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $20 million and noting City of Adelaide as an interested party
  • a plan showing the object’s proposed footpath location and the required setbacks from items in the area.

Apply for an objects on footpath permit

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding Objects on footpath permits, please contact the City of Adelaide’s Customer Centre, Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm:

8203 7203