Recycling for residents

The 2024 recycling and waste calendars are available now. Head to our bin collection day checker to view your next bin collection dates and download your collection calendar to your device or as a printable PDF.

A quick guide about what to put in your yellow recycling bin

Your yellow recycling bin is for items that can be recycled. This bin is collected fortnightly. Recycling is a great way to help the environment and contribute to Adelaide’s goal of achieving 'zero waste'. 

There’s often confusion about what can and can’t go into kerbside yellow recycling bins, so we’ve put together this guide for you. 

Items for recycling can all go in together but please place them loose and not in plastic bags! Soft plastics like bags can damage the sorting machines.

Not sure if an item should go in the yellow recycling bin?

Check Which Bin to find out how to dispose of the item.

Learn what the numbers on plastics mean

Throw it in

Aluminium foil


Glass bottles and jars

Paper and cardboard

Rigid plastic containers

Tins, cans and aerosols

Leave it out

NO batteries or electronics

NO broken glassware or crockery

NO clothing or shoes

NO food or garden waste

NO plastic bags or wrapping

NO polystyrene or foam

NO shredded paper

NO squeezy yoghurt pouches

Before you put it in

When putting an item in your yellow recycling bin, remember to:

  • ensure recyclables are clean, empty and dry.
  • place recyclables loose in the bin (not in a plastic bag).
  • remove container lids before placing containers in the yellow bin.

Soft plastics recycling trial

We've partnered with Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority and Australian Food & Grocery Council to bring city residents a kerbside collection soft plastics recycling trial. 

Join the 12-month free trial