Moving about the city

The city is a bustling, vibrant place. There are lots of distractions and everyone is on a mission to get somewhere.

That’s why, no matter what your mode of transport, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get around, and help you make the most of your city experience.

  • Plan ahead. By working out in advance where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and how long you’ll need, you won’t be so stressed. Check public transport options, or if you need to drive, download the Park Adelaide smartphone app (available on the Apple and Google Play store) for on-street parking, or pre-book an undercover park with UPark.
  • Be aware and share. Pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared to share your lane (road, bike or footpath) with others. By being diligent you can avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Read and obey the signs. Traffic control signs and lights are in place to make an area safer, and more efficient for all traffic. Stick to the speed limit, cross at the dedicated crossings and don’t run the changing traffic lights.

Adelaide has plenty of wide footpaths, vehicle free malls and laneways but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention. People riding bikes, scooters and mobility scooters can also use footpaths, so keep to the left at all times.

When at designated crossings, wait for the traffic lights to change and check for traffic before stepping onto the street. At certain intersections, you may walk diagonally across the road with the light, but generally speaking jay-walking is illegal.

For those longer cross-town hikes, why not take advantage of the free public transport in the city? The tram is free between the city boundaries of West Terrace, South Terrace, East Terrace and the Entertainment Centre. Alternatively catch the Free City Connector buses that loops around the city. 99A & C stop at major attractions such as the Adelaide Central Market, while the 98A & C loop through North Adelaide.

Whether you’re driving a car or a motorbike, you need to pay attention in the city. Be aware of dedicated lanes for cyclists and buses. Watch out for pedestrians who may suddenly step out from between parked cars to cross the road.

If you’re parked kerb-side, check your mirrors for cyclists and cars before you open your door. Be aware of the dedicated bikeways on Frome Street, especially when turning left, as cyclists may be continuing through.

While many pedestrian crossings are controlled by traffic lights, be patient at zebra crossings such as those on Pirie Street, as pedestrians do have the right-of-way.

The City of Adelaide has installed a special bike only lane along Frome Street to ensure safe travel across the city. You are still required to obey all road rules, give way to pedestrians at crossings, and stop at intersections at red lights. Be patient if a car is waiting to enter traffic from one of the many driveways that cross the bikeway.

On many of the cross-city streets, you’ll see a dedicated bike lane painted in green on the road. At some intersections, they’ll have a green box at the top, allowing cyclists to wait at the front of traffic and be more easily seen. At some intersections, a hook-turn may be a safer move.

When sharing a footpath, use your bell to avert danger and use hand signals to indicate your intent to turn.