Registration of systems

Notifying council of High Risk Manufactured Water Systems

The South Australian Public Health (Legionella) Regulations 2013 (PDF) require owners of buildings within the Adelaide city and North Adelaide on which High Risk Manufactured Water Systems (HRMWS) are installed and operating to register all HRMWS with the City of Adelaide annually.

Examples of HRMWS systems include cooling water systems such as cooling towers and evaporative condensers and warm water systems. You must also notify Council if a unit has been decommissioned.

If you are registering a HRMWS for the first time and do not have an existing licence number. You will need:

A detailed site plan which includes:

  • location of the building/s the water system/s are installed
  • location of system installation inside the building
  • location of other required area during the inspection (examples include: maintenance office, plant room or head office to report to for inspection)
  • a directional reference of North

You will also need to provide us with contact details for:

  • the building owner
  • the High Risk Manufactured Water System owner (if different from building owner)
  • the nominated contact responsible for operation and maintenance of the system
  • and an after-hours contact should we need to inspect outside of business hours.

If you are renewing your registration, or updating any existing registration details you will need your license number handy before you begin. Please take a moment to review and update all details including contacts.

Registered owners are required to notify us within one month of decommissioning a high risk manufactured water system. Failure to do so may result in penalties being applied.

You will need your existing license number and a copy of the paperwork associated with this.

Registration fees

Please note fees are payable for the registration and renewal of High Risk Manufactured Water Systems, as prescribed in Schedule 1 of the Regulations.

You can pay the fee quickly online. You’ll just need to have your CW/000 reference number (located on your invoice) ready to complete the payment.

Pay your fee online now