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The City of Adelaide Prize 2024

Established in 1997, the City of Adelaide Prize awards and promotes projects that contribute to a positive human experience in the City and activation of the public realm. The projects can be of any scale and may include buildings, public art installations, landscape works and temporary contributions to public space that actively engage the community and enhance the City’s public spaces. Best of all: entry is free.

The City of Adelaide and the SA Institute of Architects work together to support the shared vision to create a vibrant city by enhancing public spaces in the City through this Prize.

Sponsored by Council, the Prize is a category within the prestigious SA Architecture Awards Program. The winners of the City of Adelaide Prize will be announced at the annual SA Architecture Awards Party on Friday 5 July 2024.

People's Choice category

The people of Adelaide have the chance to vote for their favourite entry for the City of Adelaide Prize within the South Australian Institute of Architecture Awards.

The City of Adelaide Prize recognises projects that enhance the public realm by bringing the streets and spaces of Adelaide City alive and making it a great place to live, work and have fun!

This year’s nominees include:

  • Power People Installation by Studio Tristan Kerr
  • Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution Exhibition by Grieve Gillett Architects
  • 60 King William Street by Cox Architecture
  • JamFactory Tarnanthi: Ernabella Arts Exhibition by Grieve Gillett Architects

The winner of the People’s Choice Award is the nominee who receives the most votes!

Voting is open until Friday 31 May 2024. Visit the 2024 SA Architecture Awards page for more information and to vote for your favourite project and a chance to WIN 2 x tickets to Monarto Safari Park.

The winners of the City of Adelaide Prize and the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the annual South Australian Architecture Awards Party and on YouTube livestream on the AusArchitects channel on Friday 5 July 2024.

The winners of the City of Adelaide Prize and People’s Choice Award are announced each year at the annual South Australian Architecture Awards presentation party.

To be eligible to enter, the project must display innovation and excellence in enhancing the public realm of the City. It must be located within the City of Adelaide (Adelaide and North Adelaide) and have been completed in the past two years.

Potential entries may include:

  • buildings
  • landscape works
  • public art installations
  • performance spaces
  • any other projects that enhance public experience

Individual stages or components of projects are also eligible for entry as are projects undertaken by or for the City of Adelaide, State Government and/or Federal Government.

Projects will be assessed against the following criteria:


  • enhances the public experience of the City
  • activates and enlivens public space
  • user friendly and creates a positive experience
  • offers equity and community benefits (particularly to disadvantaged groups)


  • environmentally sustainable
  • retains/re-uses heritage fabric
  • enhances water quality, ecological systems and biodiversity


  • contributes to the economic growth of the City
  • enhances tourism opportunities and experiences
  • timely delivery
  • quality for cost (including lifecycle considerations)

Design process

  • exhibits innovation and creativity in design
  • demonstrates collaboration between professionals
  • engages the community

2023 Winner

The winner of the 2023 City of Adelaide Prize was awarded to Adelaide City Skatepark by Convic.

Jury Award Citation:

Faced with a seven-year absence, high community expectations and a challenging site, the Adelaide City Skatepark has delivered a remarkable urban place for a diverse range of users.

Often relegated to undervalued spaces, the Adelaide City Skatepark instead activates a key site within the Adelaide Park Lands. The jury was impressed by the creation of an inclusive public space for all users and skill levels that also supports competitions. Anchored around a central plaza, it provides opportunities for casual observation, building a sense of community. The park is highly active, with careful consideration also given to night-time use and lighting. Its offering of recreational facilities further enhances this important site.

Cleverly utilising the site’s topography, retaining mature trees and managing contaminated fill demonstrate a mature environmental approach that has enhanced the park’s setting.

With input from user groups, the park includes design references to other parts of the city and the replication of much-loved features from the skatepark it replaced. The jury was impressed by the quality and experience of this highly active and enlivened public space. Already loved by the community, the park demonstrates excellence in developing the public realm of the City of Adelaide.

2023 People’s Choice Award Winner

The community were invited to vote on their favourite project entered in this year’s awards. The winner of the 2023 People’s Choice Award was the nominee who received the most votes.

The winner as voted by the South Australian public was Dymocks Heritage Store by Grieve Gillett Anderson.

Dymocks Heritage Store Peoples Choice Winner

Former City of Adelaide Prize Winners

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