Have a wheelie good time in the Park Lands

Looking for a different way to see the Park Lands? Enjoy the fresh air and take in your surrounds from the wheels of your bike, skateboard or scooter!

City Dirt Tracks

The city dirt tracks are a dedicated space in the Adelaide Park Lands where BMX bike riders of all ages and abilities can ride for free. The tracks have a series of jumps and trails separated into four areas based on skill level.

There are four different tracks available based on your skill level:

  • Pump track (all skill levels)
  • Beginner track
  • Intermediate track
  • Advanced track

Skate Park

If skating is what you’re after, there are two skate parks located in the Park Lands for use. Head to the Adelaide Park Lands on Wakefield Street or Mary Lee Park and skate with your friends this winter.


There’s no shortage of paths and trails in the Park Lands for you to follow on your bike. A leisurely cycle on the bike trails is a great way to see the Park Lands from a different perspective. Pack some food and make a day out of it!