Employee gifts and benefits register

The mandatory Code of Conduct for Local Government Employees requires that employees are not to accept gifts or benefits that may influence, or could be reasonably taken to create a sense of obligation for the employee in carrying out their duties. The City of Adelaide has additionally adopted Code of Conduct for employees to further expand on these requirements and expectations.

The Local Government Code of Conduct for Council Employees states: An employee of a council must not seek out or receive a gift or benefit that is, or could reasonably be taken to be, intended or likely to create a sense of obligation on the part of the employee to a person or influence the employee in the performance or discharge of the employees functions or duties. A gift or benefit received by a person related to an employee of a council will be treated as a gift or benefits received by the employee.

Gifts and benefits of any value must be reported on the Employee Register of Gifts and Benefits in accordance with the Employee Gifts and Benefits Operating Guideline, consistent with best practice. Only those gifts and benefits above $50 (value determined by the Minister) will be listed on the public register as required under schedule 2A of the LG Variation Regulations 2018.

You can search the employee Gifts and Benefits register by financial year below, which is updated on a quarterly basis e.g. September, December, March and June.