Art Discovered


The Art Discovered program to integrate public art in the City Libraries, Community Centres, exhibitions and residency programs.

Exhibitions at the City Library

I am Awe-tistic - SALA 2020

“I am Awe-tistic” was a collaborative exhibition giving young emerging artists on the autism spectrum a voice. A creative platform, celebrating their hearts and minds in a safe place and exploring subjects they are passionate about.

“I am Awe-tistic” shared visual, spoken and written stories with raw, honest and passionate vulnerability by a community who are bonded by shared understanding and honour.

An exhibition born out Curator Claire Wildish’s work with the ArtSteps Program at Autism SA and grown to encompass the wider Autism Community by inviting family and friends, The Gold Foundation and Living Arts at Life Without Barriers to tell their story too.

I am Awe-tistic was presented at the City Library from 7 August - 27 September 2020.

Artist mikayla davey landscape 141 Copy

Image: SALA 2020 – Art and Artist - Mikayla Davey SALA @ City Library 2020 exhibition curated by Claire Wildish.

Already Home - SALA 2019

Featuring works by Australian-born and migrant artists, as well as creatives from within Adelaide's LGBTIQ, disability and multilingual communities, Already Home showcased a kaleidoscope of visual responses to the question of what it is to be Australian. This diverse exhibition included photography, sculpture, painting, jewellery, illustration and more, promising to be a compelling reminder of the beauty in unity and the power of diversity.

Artists: Arlon Hall, Ban She, Brad Darkson, Bridget Fahey, Claire Ishino, Dave Court, Elyas Alavi, Emma Young, Georgina Chadderton (George Rex Comics), Lana Adams, Llewelyn Ash, Molly Nampitjinpa Peterson, Narges Anvar, Rebecca Hartman-Kearns and Steph Fuller

Already Home was on display at City Library from 2 August to 30 September 2019.

Already home dave court

Image: Already Home (installation view) 2020.City Library. Photo by Dave Court.