Adelaide Park Lands Multi-Year Event Licences

Adelaide Park Lands Multi-Year Event Licences are NOW OPEN for application.


The City of Adelaide is able to offer event licenses for up to five years in the Adelaide Park Lands.

Eligible organisations are invited to apply for a multi-year event license in the Adelaide Park Lands. Applications will be open from Monday 25 March to Sunday 14 April 2024.

Long term licenses offer the following benefits:

  • Ability to schedule and plan long term for both Council and event organisers.
  • Confidence in longevity of site hire for events to attract and secure international talent over a number of years.
  • An increased level of confidence and commitment to invest in infrastructure that supports events such as power and water, and
  • Allows Council to more effectively programme Parks across a calendar year, which improves forward planning for rest and remediation periods for Parks.
  • Aligns multi-year funding commitments with multi-year site hire approval.

This aligns with the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan 2024-2028 objective to: Create fun, lively and interesting experiences.


  • The first event under the approved multi-year event license must commence between 1 September 2024- 30 August 2025.
  • Your proposed multi-year event is a medium / major event with an event capacity of over 1,500 patrons at any one time.
  • The event will be held in a City of Adelaide managed Park Land.
  • The Park Land location being sought is available for use.
  • Multi-year event licences do not cover event road closures.
  • Ineligible applications will not advance to the assessment stage and applicants will be notified.
  • If successful, applicants will be required to provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance “Certificate of Currency” (minimum $20 million) noting the City of Adelaide as an interested party, and any other relevant insurances to deliver their project.
  • It is recommended that all applicants read the Adelaide Event Guidelines document before proceeding with their application as this document includes the criteria for use of the Park Lands by events.

Frequently asked questions

The Adelaide Park Lands event site map can be found in the Adelaide Events Guidelines.

Applications are assessed and weighted according to the following criteria:




Multi-Year Event Management Experience and Viability

Has the applicant previously held a multi-year event licence with the City of Adelaide?

To what extent has the applicant detailed their previous experience in delivering events / festivals in the Adelaide Park Lands, along with the successes and key milestones/achievements of their event management history?

Would issuing this applicant a multi-year event licence assist in the development of their event over a multi-year period?


Cultural Outcomes

To what extent has the applicant detailed the significance of their event to the State of South Australia?

Does the applicant's proposal for a multi-year event have the potential to deliver significant value for the City of Adelaide?

Does the applicant's proposal for a multi-year event licence have potential to improve community connections, support community wellbeing and provide opportunities for local South Australian artists and artisans to showcase and present their work?


Community Outcomes

To what extent has the applicant detailed their commitment to engage, involve and acknowledge city-based community groups including Kaurna people?

To what extent has the applicant demonstrated a consideration of and planned for disability access and inclusion?


Environmental/Sustainability Outcomes

To what extent has the applicant demonstrated a consideration for environmentally sustainable practice via the five environmental leadership initiatives (waste management, energy, transport choices, water management, supply chain and measurement and communications)?


Financial Viability

To what extent has the applicant demonstrated financial and sustainable viability?

Is the event the recipient of any future State Government or AEDA funding?


The process dates are as follows:

  • Applications open: Monday 25 March 2024
  • Applications closed: Sunday 14 April 2024
  • Assessments: April/May 2024 (subject to applications received)
  • Recommendations presented to Council for approval: June/July 2024

No, multi-year applications are only open for the Adelaide Park Lands under the care and control of the City of Adelaide.

Up to a maximum of 5 years. Applications for less than 5 years will be accepted. Approved multi-year event licences will be subject to annual review as required.

Construction and major works may occur in the Adelaide Park Lands. Construction and major works may impact future use and availability of the Event Site, access to an Event Site and site amenity. Council will work to minimise these impacts to the licence holder’s event where possible.

Every effort will be made to provide the best outcome for successful applicants; however, bookings are subject to availability.

Applicants must declare any existing or potential conflict of interest that may detrimentally affect the applicant’s relationship with Council at the time of submitting an application.

Further information

  • Please note that events operating under the South Australian Motorsport Act 1984 make certain Park Land locations unavailable for parts of the year. This may change annually. There may be circumstances outside of City of Adelaide’s control where event organisers may be required to relocate their events to alternate locations, re-engineer their site designs or review their event dates as a result of or due to the application of the South Australian Motorsport Act 1984 Changes may be administered at the discretion of the City of Adelaide without further consultation and the City of Adelaide will not be liable for any loss or damages caused by or in connection with the relocation or any event impact caused by or in connection with the South Australian Motorsport Act 1984.
  • Details regarding your application may be disclosed to the public and require public consultation as part of the approval process.
  • City of Adelaide has the right to refuse an applicant’s multi-year event licence at its sole discretion.

Applicants acknowledge that the Council:

  • is not bound to accept any application
  • Council may vary its event site fees annually or as directed by Council
  • may undertake “due diligence” checks on any applicant, including verifying references and/or referees, and undertaking company searches and credit checks
  • will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by an applicant arising in any way from the preparation and submission of the application
  • accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information in the application
  • subject to law, will not be liable to an applicant (under statute, common law or equity) and the applicant waives and releases the Council in respect of any claim, action or demand arising out of any matter or thing in connection with an applicant’s participation in application process, including instances where the Council suspends, varies or abandons the application process or any negotiations with an applicant or where the Council exercises or fails to exercise any of its other rights in connection with the application process.

Subject to law, the Council has absolute discretion in the exercise or non-exercise of its rights under the application process. Following consideration of an application, the Council may, in its absolute discretion:

  • accept or reject any application
  • enter into negotiations with any one or more of the applicants or any other person or entity
  • amend, vary, supplement or terminate the application process at any time

At the conclusion of all required processes, each successful applicant will be invited to enter into a licence with Council. The final licence agreements entered into will include:

• The purpose of the long-term tenure and anticipated outcomes.

• Variation provisions to enable flexibility for the parties to mutually agree changes to the agreement over the long-term licence period.

• Exit clauses, including process and implications for withdrawing events.

• Monitoring, evaluation, and audit requirements, which will include annual performance reporting requirements.

• Information with regard to relevant fees and charges.

Apply now

Apply now

Applications close Sunday 14 April 2024.

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding the Adelaide Park Lands Multi-Year Event Licences, please contact Alex Dearman, Project Support Coordinator: