Outdoor dining provides valuable support to Prohibition

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Prohibition is one of Adelaide’s most loved.

Based on Gilbert Street, the 1920s era inspired gin distillery was opened by mates Adam Carpenter and Wes Heddles in 2017 after the pair spent the first two years running Prohibition from Adam’s suburban garage.

A few years later, the venue expanded with the opening of Bootleg Coffee Co and Next Door cocktail bar.

Yet despite the trendy bar and distillery’s popularity, the impact of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns took their toll.

And that’s where the City of Adelaide’s Reignite Adelaide parklet initiative, creating outdoor dining spaces on footpaths and parking bays, provided valuable support.

It enabled Prohibition to attract and serve more customers safely outdoors at a time when they really needed it.

“The planter boxes greatly improved our outdoor dining area making it more inviting for customers to enjoy the same delightful experience outside in safe environment,” Wes says.

“Cashflow has been tight and the additional support of the City of Adelaide has been gratefully received.”

Wes said he would encourage any Adelaide business to engage with the City of Adelaide to see how they can assist.

“Hats off to the Council for their support and for working hand in hand with Adelaide businesses,” he says.

“We look forward to working with Council on future collaborations to improve our business and the offering to Adelaide.”