Heritage Incentives Scheme (HIS)

Since 1988, the City of Adelaide has provided the most substantial local government heritage grant scheme in Australia.

What is the Heritage Incentives Scheme?

The Heritage Incentives Scheme (HIS) is a funding program administered by the City of Adelaide which reimburses owners of heritage and unlisted historic character places that meet specific criteria, a portion of the costs for professional advice and documentation, and conservation work.

The Scheme is widely regarded, attracting attention from interstate and overseas. In November 2017, the Scheme won the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) SA award in the Best Planning Ideas – Large Project category.

In May 2018, the Scheme was awarded a Commendation at the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) National Awards for Planning Excellence, held in Perth, Western Australia.

Complementing the City of Adelaide’s Heritage Incentives Scheme, the Department for Environment and Water also has a State Government Heritage Grants program to help conserve and activate state heritage listed places and areas within South Australia.

How do I apply for a HIS grant?

Lodging an online application with City of Adelaide for Heritage Incentives Scheme (HIS) funding is a simple process. Each application is individually assessed against criteria set out in the Operating Guidelines. Lodgement is not a guarantee of funding.

A step by step guide to applying.

Please read through the associated Operating Guidelines to determine if you might be eligible.

Note: Most works to a heritage listed property require development approval, regardless of whether funding is sought. You’ll need to complete a different/separate application form – see Step 4 for more information.

As each heritage place and conservation project is unique, please contact the Heritage team to discuss your scope of work as we are happy to assist. Failure to do so may delay your application.

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, public holidays excluded

We recommend you get multiple written quotes based on advice provided at the site visit and via subsequent correspondence. You must submit a total of three (3) quotes with the HIS application form.

Note: Exceptions may apply – please contact us to discuss any issues sourcing quotes

You may be required to lodge a Development Application. This is a separate form and process. If you have any questions about this process, please phone the Duty Planner on 8203 7185

Note: This step is not required if you are applying for funding under HIS category 1 only (Professional Advice and Documentation). Or if Development approval has already been obtained for the works and is considered valid.

You’ll need to lodge your HIS Application online. The HIS Application can be lodged simultaneously with a Development Application, but the Development Approval must be obtained before HIS Application can be approved.

Tip: Make sure you have all your supporting documents scanned (they must easy to read), and ready to upload.

Alternatively, you can complete an application form

Assessment and payment of funding

Once your application has been received, Council will assess your application against its Operating Guidelines. There is no guarantee of funding.

Once both HIS and DA approvals have been obtained, an allocation will be made. You will be notified by email of the amount, and any conditions of funding. A HIS project sign will be sent to you and should be displayed on site during works.

Note: As part of the HIS approval, you must notify Council when works commence, and at key milestones as required.

Upon completion of the work, you must notify Council to arrange a final site inspection/review of documentation to ensure completed works/advice meets the conditions of the approved HIS application. You will also need to provide us with proof of payment to the relevant contractor. The type of proof required is detailed in the allocation email received at approval.

Once satisfied with the work/advice and submitted proof of payment, Council will reimburse you as per details set out in allocation email, and in accordance with the HIS Operating Guidelines. Reimbursement can be via EFT or by cheque, however, you will need to provide appropriate bank details if EFT is desired.

The Cumberland Arms – a HIS success

Need more information?

If you need more information about the Heritage Incentives Scheme, please contact Council’s Heritage Team: