Field Street streetscape upgrade

Project status - Planned

Work will start Monday 18 March 2024 and is expected to be completed by mid-2024.

Why are we doing this?

Field Street is a key area in the Adelaide Central Market precinct.

This upgrade will address several issues including road surface, traffic flow and management, parking and cleanliness as well as making it greener through new trees and plants.

What are we doing?

The Field Street upgrade includes:

  • making street one-way for vehicle traffic
  • wider footpaths to allow for outdoor dining
  • planting of new trees
  • new loading zones
  • improved lighting

Field Street concept design

    When are we doing it?

    Work will start from in early 2024 and be completed midway through the year.

    Council is committed to minimising disruption to businesses and residents during the works.

    The street may often be reduced to a single lane undertake during construction to maintain access.

    Occasional full road closures will be communicated with stakeholders in advance.

    Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout.

    Project background

    This upgrade follows on from the Wright Court and Field Street Streetscape Upgrades consultation that was conducted in 2018 and 2020.

    The feedback we received through these consultations helped informed the street upgrade design. We also implemented one-way movement on Field Street, an important feature which will be kept as part of the upgrade.

    The upgrade was delayed due to the Covid pandemic.


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    Need more information?

    For enquiries or to register for project updates, get in touch with the Field Street engagement team using the following contact details: