Working at the City of Adelaide

The oldest local government in Australia, the City of Adelaide is a great place to work. The council recognises that our people are our greatest asset.

You’ll notice that our people are passionate about the city of Adelaide. They love the vibrancy, energy and visibility the city has. They often see themselves as custodians for the city, contributing to the community and being part of valued outcomes and services. 

As an employee, you’ll make a difference and help shape where the city will be in the future. In turn, this sense of pride provides you with a feeling of fulfilment and purpose.

Our values

Our values guide the way we interact with each other and our customers, as well as the decisions that we make on a daily basis.

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An extraordinary team of people

When you join the team at City of Adelaide, you’re joining a group of people with an unwavering commitment to make Adelaide even better.

Just as the city’s designer, Colonel William Light proved when he planned the city back in 1837, we still believe that forward thinking, great ideas and planning come together to make a big impact. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your great ideas and what you do every day impacts the lives of the thousands of people who live, work and visit the city.

Enjoy your life and your work

The City of Adelaide values diversity – in our people, their roles and experiences, and the innovation that it brings to the organisation.

In a city that’s designed for life, it’s only natural that you enjoy your life and your work. We encourage this by having a genuine focus on developing our people in an environment that is collaborative, welcoming and supportive. This enables everyone to perform their role successfully and safely.

Employment pathways

At the City of Adelaide, we offer an incredible variety of roles, where your career will be enhanced by opportunities that you will find rewarding.

We offer a variety of employment pathways, including:

We also recognise that young people who have completed The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award can demonstrate initiative and skills such as teamwork and communication. We welcome applications from them.

So, do you share our values and vision to create a city that’s designed for life? We encourage you to view our Current Opportunities.