Vehicle Compliance Technology

Technology to create a safer city

The City of Adelaide have introduced new compliance technology to deliver a safer approach to the way we monitor parking compliance. Prioritising traffic flow, as well as the health, safety and welfare of our staff and all road-users, the new vehicle-mounted camera technology is used by our Parking and Information Officers to monitor compliance in zones that have the biggest impact on traffic flow and pedestrian and road-user safety. 

How it works

  • Instead of walking the streets of the city and North Adelaide, our Parking and Information Officers drive a car fitted with vehicle-mounted cameras.
  • The vehicle-mounted cameras scan the surrounding area and take high quality photographs when an object is observed to meet specific criteria set by Council.
  • Officers analyse the photographs and determine the best course of action to address the matter. 
  • Parking expiations that are issued using this technology are mailed to the registered vehicle owner. 

The technology is being provided by SenSen Networks Ltd, whose product SenFORCE is currently being used in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Geelong and Singapore. Watch the video below for more information on how the technology works. 


The compliance vehicle will improve the working conditions for our staff, while keeping them safe from verbal and physical abuse. We want Adelaide to be a Smart City, utilising the best technology available to provide a greater experience for everyone.

The technology is able to scan the surrounds and identify illegally parked cars, dumped rubbish, and e-scooters whilst simultaneously blurring people’s faces to protect their privacy.

Our compliance vehicle drives and monitors all areas across the city and North Adelaide.

The compliance vehicle currently monitors bus zones and lanes, yellow lines and no stopping zones which have the biggest impact on traffic flow. Gradually, we will increase the monitoring to include residential permit zones, school zones, and more, while it also has the ability to notify staff of dumped rubbish or incorrectly parked e-scooters.