AdLib Hour – Episode 01 – Home

What does ‘home’ mean to you? Is it a place? A person? Or perhaps, a feeling? For our storyteller’s home is where life unfolds. It’s where you find a piece of yourself, and your culture. For some it is an image of a place, crafted in time, from the memories they hold dear. In this inaugural episode of The AdLib Hour you will hear different stories from a range of community members with one common thread, home is where the heart is.


  • Cheryl Crabtree
  • Nicholas Probst
  • Kami McInnes
  • Rachel High
  • Kym Mackenzie
  • Justine van Eyssen
  • Jye Parry
  • Hannah Beinke
  • Lucy Rivera

With special guest Kelly Vincent, artistic director from True Ability.

Special thanks to all our brave storytellers, True Ability artistic director Alirio Zavarce and the amazing teams at City of Adelaide, Adelaide City Libraries and Radio Adelaide.

Cheryl Crabtree’s home before and after their second renovation