Healthy ageing

“Ageing is not ‘lost youth,’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”- Betty Friedan.

The words of Betty Friedan are true. There are more older people living, working and visiting Adelaide than ever before. The City of Adelaide recognises this, and through The Ageing in the City project investigated what people want from the city as they age, how we should plan for these things in order to realise the opportunities and respond to the challenges of an ageing population.

As a result, you can now choose from a range of opportunities and programs that support city seniors to continue living independently, age healthily and to participate in community life.

Below are some of the services and activities available.

Home Support Program

City of Adelaide’s Home Support Program (CHSP) is a short-term support service for people aged over 65 years (or over 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) who need some short term assistance to remain living independently in their homes. The program is designed to work alongside residents to support them to achieve their wellness and reablement goals.

“I really appreciate the support I've had and feel glad to know its available.” - CHSP Customer

Community events and programs

You’ll find a range of community events and programs that are suitable for seniors held at the City of Adelaide Community Centres located throughout the city and North Adelaide. You can choose from cooking classes, information sessions, and even outings. The Central Market Shopping Bus is a handy service available to senior residents for a small fee.

Exercise for seniors

The City of Adelaide runs a variety of exercise classes tailored especially to the needs of Seniors. Classes and activities range from Easy Moves – chair-based exercises, to Strength for Life classes designed to increase strength and stability.

News and City Grapevine newsletter

City Grapevine is the City of Adelaide’s newsletter for ageing residents. It provides information on coming events, activities and programs of relevance. Residents who receive CHSP services are automatically sent a copy.

The newsletter can be sent on request to individuals, groups and organisations within the Adelaide area. Sign up to the mailing list just sign up or phone us.

Read the latest edition of City Grapevine

Need more information?

If you are interested in any of the programs and opportunities mentioned above, please contact the friendly Healthy Ageing team, Monday to Friday during business hours:

8203 7203