Council Assessment Panel (CAP)

The Council Assessment Panel (CAP) is a relevant authority in its own right under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act).

The role of the Council Assessment Panel

The Council's Assessment Panel will generally be the relevant authority for the granting of planning consent for performance assessed development that is publicly notified, subject to delegations. Applications are assessed against the relevant provisions of the Planning and Design Code. A new role of the Assessment Panel under the PDI Act is to hear appeals against certain decisions made by the Assessment Manager in his/her role as a relevant authority.

Meet the panel

The Panel members for the current term are:

  • Mr Nathan Cunningham (Independent Presiding Member)
  • Ms Colleen Dunn (Independent Member)
  • Mr Mark Adcock (Independent Member)
  • Ms Emily Nankivell (Independent Member)
  • Councillor Keiran Snape (Elected Member)
  • Prof Mads Gaardboe (Deputy Independent Member)
  • Councillor Carmel Noon (Deputy Elected Member)

Meeting procedures

View the Council Assessment Panel (CAP) meeting procedures.

Meeting schedule

  • Monday 30 January =
  • Monday 27 February
  • Monday 27 March
  • Monday 1 May (in lieu of April) +
  • Monday 29 May +Monday 26 June
  • Monday 24 July
  • Monday 28 August
  • Monday 25 September
  • Monday 23 October
  • Monday 20 November * (due to earlier December date)
  • Monday 11 December

+ meeting not on the fourth Monday due to public holiday

* meeting not on the fourth Monday due to Christmas

= meeting not on the fourth Monday due to Council closure Christmas/New Year

Meeting agendas and minutes

View the Council Assessment Panel (CAP) meeting agendas and minutes.

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