City Yarns

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A yarn is to tell a story. It’s also a thread that, when woven together, creates a fabric. City Yarns are the stories of Adelaide that weave together to form the fabric of a city that has bounced back and one that we should all be proud of.


As Adelaide embarked on its recovery from COVID-19, we got to work to support city businesses, musicians, and artists as they navigated their way back. More than 20 initiatives were introduced under our Reignite Adelaide program to provide opportunities to those impacted and to encourage people to return to the city and North Adelaide.


Hear the stories of comeback, collaboration, and triumph thanks to Reignite Adelaide through City Yarns.

The City of Adelaide acknowledges truth telling in Australia and the significant connectedness between Aboriginal cultures and language, which we continue to learn so much from. Today, Aboriginal English plays a key role in Aboriginal cultures, and we would like to acknowledge the word “yarn” in our campaign title. For Aboriginal Australia, “yarn” is a word used often in describing people talking to each other in a relaxed way. It represents storytelling and the significant place that yarning holds in building relationships and undertaking work with people, projects, and organisations.

City Yarns East End Flower Market

East End Flower Market brightens the community

As part of Reignite Adelaide, East End Flower Market was granted a Streetside Activation Grant to ‘flower bomb’ the East End.

“For the City of Adelaide to get behind small businesses, to encourage people to come out, it’s just fantastic and to be able to give back to the community I think that’s something that’s so so special and something we’re grateful to be a part of”, says Bonnie, Manager.

City Yarns Lucinda Penn

Meet Lucinda, a local artist

As part of the Reignite Adelaide Vacant Tenancy project and Shopfront Transformation Grant, Lucinda has been able to leverage her amazing artistic gifts to produce attractive artworks across the city, benefiting both artist and business.

I’ve really found different communities and been able to connect with these people and help transform their spaces. It makes such a difference...”, says Lucinda.

Donny City Yarns

Meet Donny, a City of Adelaide resident

When COVID-19 hit, lots of Donny's favourite city businesses shut affecting many of her friends that work in the hospitality industry.

"Now that COVID has eased, the city has returned almost to its normalcy, and that's really great to see", says Donny.

City Yarns Exchange

Exchange Coffee's outdoor dining revives business

When limited outdoor dining options and heavy indoor dining restrictions came into place, Exchange Coffee turned to the City of Adelaide's Reignite Adelaide parklet initiative to install an outdoor dining space in front of the cafe.

"Parklets add such wonderful atmosphere to the streetscape and contribute to the vibrancy of the city", says Tom, Managing Director.


NOLA Adelaide takes part in Friday Night Live

When East End bar NOLA Adelaide heard about our Friday Night Live initiative, they jumped at the chance.

“It’s been really appreciated by the musicians themselves who were having a really tough time during COVID and it's nice to see everyone getting work again”, says Jamie, Venue Manager at NOLA.

City Yarns Arab Steed

New street murals for Arab Steed Hotel

When the City of Adelaide introduced a public art initiative as part of Reignite Adelaide, the Arab Steed Hotel put their hand up.

"As you pass by the pub, it just adds more vibrancy to Hutt Street... the locals love it", says Shayne, owner of the Arab Steed Hotel.

City Yarns Laura

Meet Laura, a local musician

Laura got the call to play at Friday Night Live and at street parties put on through Reignite Adelaide.

"It was awesome to take not only my original music to the streets, but I got to play with other musicians who were essentially out of work too", says Laura.