Smart parking

Because you’ve got better things to do than look for a car park

To enhance you parking experience within the City of Adelaide we have introduced Smart Parking – a simpler and more convenient way of parking.

What is Smart Parking?

The City of Adelaide’s Smart Parking technology will make it easier for you to find parking for your vehicle in the city.

Around 2,800 in-ground sensors have been installed in on-street parking bays across the city. They work in conjunction with the Park Adelaide app, which enables you to:

  • display and navigate to available parking spaces, via your device maps
  • get accurate real-time information about available parking bays and time limits
  • pay for your parking on your smart device
  • receive alerts when your parking session is about to expire
  • remotely ‘top up’ your parking session to the maximum time limit
  • take up the option of a one-off 15 minute ‘Extent Stay’ beyond the maximum time limit for a fee of $5.50

You can download the Park Adelaide app free on Apple or Android

How does it work?

Sensors in the on-street parking bays show whether the space is taken or available. This information is collated and shown on a map when you open the Park Adelaide app.

Each icon represents a parking bay or grouping of parking bays.

  • The type of bay is shown on the icon ie: paid, loading, disabled
  • The number in the icon colours is the number of available spaces
  • The colour of the icon reflects the % of spaces available
  • Green means greater than 60% of the spaces available are available
  • Orange means greater than 60% of the spaces are full
  • Red means greater than 80% of spaces are full
  • Selecting the Information option at the bottom of the screen will show the related parking controls such as time limit and cost.

You can either use the Guest login to show available bays and navigate to the available areas, then pay using a ticket machine, or register for a User Account which gives you the ability to pay online and extend the period if required.

Please note: you can’t reserve or pre-book a space using Park Adelaide. You must physically park in a bay prior to making payment for it.

To help you, we've created a short video explaining how Smart Parking works. 

Watch the video 

Map smart parking

Map showing smart parking areas in blue. 

Smart parking – frequently asked questions

Use the Park Adelaide app to see what on-street parking is available in the area of the city you will be visiting.

Park in an available bay. If you are logged in as a Guest, you will need to pay via a ticket machine and abide by the time limits. No reminders will be sent to you.

If you’ve signed into the Park Adelaide App using your Account, select the Park/Pay option at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select Choose Bay Label and from the dropdown list select the 5-digit code (painted on the ground) in your parking bay
  • Select Park Until and select the time required for your parking (provided in 15-minute increments)
  • Select Get Price
  • Review the parking information shown on the screen
  • Select the Pay button to pay for your parking session
  • The app will provide a timer listing the time remaining for your parking session
  • The app will send you a Reminder Notification when your time is about to expire. Remember: you’ll need to have Notifications switched ON to receive them.

Park Adelaide allows you to filter the information you require to include specific parking controls.

You can select parking bay type such as paid parking, loading zone, disability bays, paid parking, time limited zones and even event parking. Simply click the Toggle symbol <insert icon> in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select the options you want.

Once you see an icon on the map, remember to click on the Information section to see specific details for the area.

No, paying via the Park Adelaide app will cost the same as using an on-street ticket machine.

Yes. You just won’t receive a reminder to advise your time is due to expire and won’t be able to extend the period. Please ensure you display your ticket on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Park Adelaide offers you the unique opportunity to choose a one-off ‘Extend Stay’ option, which will allow you to extend your parking session for up to 15 minutes beyond the maximum time limit for a small fee.

Please be aware your vehicle cannot stay if the bay changes to a Restrictive Zone e.g. No Stopping or Bus Zone – please check the parking control information in the Park Adelaide app carefully.

No. However, the app provides some great benefits that you’ll miss out on if using a ticket machine. For instance, you will receive a Reminder Notification when your parking session is about to expire, giving you the option to extend your time remotely using the Park Adelaide app.

Yes. We do not endorse touching your phone while driving, however most phones have voice activated control. You can use this to navigate to available spaces. Once parked and the motor is turned off, you can then touch your phone to complete your purchase transaction.

We encourage you to move your vehicle once your parking session has expired to avoid receiving a parking Expiation Notice.

There are no refunds for fees paid – this is the same as using a ticket machine. You can, however, use the app to pay for a shorter period initially, and then remotely extend the time using the Park Adelaide app.

Yes. However, if you’ve paid at the ticket machine, you are still able to return and buy another ticket to extend your parking up to the maximum time limit. You are not able to extend your parking session once the maximum time limit has expired.

Smart Parking will not change Disability Parking Permit holder concessions.

The Park Adelaide app will not affect the concessions currently provided to vehicles displaying a valid Disability Parking Permit. Although the sensor will record the time a vehicle is present in a bay, our Parking and Information Officers will continue to apply the concessions where appropriate.

When a valid Disability Parking Permit is clearly displayed in the vehicle Disability Permit holders are:

  • allowed a maximum 30 minutes if they park in a permissive zone that is less than 30 minutes
  • allowed a maximum of 2 hours when parked in a 30 minute or 1-hour zone
  • allowed double the time when parked in a 2 hour or above zone.
  • If parking in a designated Disabled Parking Zone, the time limit on that sign applies (ie no extra time)

The City of Adelaide will also continue its policy where a holder of a Disability Parking Permit does not need to pay the required ‘on-street’ fee when displaying a valid Disability Parking Permit. Please note that this concession does not apply when purchasing tickets in UPark car parks or other private parking areas.

Please be aware your vehicle cannot stay if the bay changes to a Restrictive Zone e.g. No Stopping or Bus Zone – please check the parking control information in the Park Adelaide app carefully.

The implementation of this Smart parking technology is a South Australian first, and the option to extend a session beyond the maximum parking time limit is an Australian first.

This makes it easier and more efficient for you to find parks, while providing the City of Adelaide with a holistic view of parking across the city. This allows us to be more proactive in our service to the community, creating opportunities to better meet our customer needs.