28 Mar, 2024

St Aloysius Road Safety Review

Council has endorsed a proposal to progress significant road safety improvements in the vicinity of St Aloysius College in the Adelaide CBD.

Councillors unanimously supported the report on Tuesday evening which will now be progressed through the City of Adelaide’s business plan and budget process.

Following a Council resolution last year, staff investigated the need for additional measures to enhance the safety of school children entering and leaving schools – including the introduction of supervised or unsupervised “kiss and drop zones” at all city schools.

A trial study of school drop off/pick up safety at St Aloysius College Wakefield Street was recently undertaken. The school was made a priority due to a widely reported accident on Angas Street last June and ongoing safety concerns.

Based on the trial study, it was recommended that Council supported the implementation of measures to prevent illegal U-turns on Angas Street, a median closure on Wakefield Street and an application to the Department for Infrastructure and Transport to extend the school zone.

The Lord Mayor said the safety of students in the city was of paramount concern for Council.

“No one wants to see our students, as well as parents, caregivers and school staff, involved in accidents, so this is a critical piece of work for the city,” said the Lord Mayor.

“It’s practical road safety changes like these that can save lives and I thank our Administration for undertaking the work to date.”

St Aloysius College Principal Ms Paddy McEvoy thanked the Council for the work completed to date.

“We were grateful to have input into the report and we look forward to improved safety around the College as a result of our collaboration with the Council,” said Ms McEvoy.

The recommended changes are not expected to result in a significant impact to vehicle travel times.

Council will also be expanding the review to other schools within the City of Adelaide.

Photo: St Aloysius College

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