05 Sept, 2022

New recycling hubs in the city

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

It’s never been easier to recycle with the City of Adelaide introducing two new hubs for the community to sustainably dispose of many hard-to-recycle products.

The two “Reuse and Recycle Hubs” accept a number of different household items which can’t go in the home recycling bin:

• Batteries

• Blister Packs

• Eye Glasses/Sunglasses

• Fluorescent Tubes

• Light Globes

• Mobile Phones/Tablets/Chargers/Accessories

• Small Electronics (e.g. hair dryers, straighteners, electric toothbrushes, toys, speakers)

• Plastic Bread Tags

• Printer Cartridges

• X-rays

The two new Reuse and Recycle Hubs are located in the City of Adelaide Customer Centre on Pirie Street and the City Library in Rundle Place.

The Reuse and Recycle Hubs have been developed in conjunction with University of South Australia design students and lecturers, with the units made of nearly 100 percent recycled materials.

The City of Adelaide has partnered with several community organisations to repurpose a number of the items, with ZoosSA taking the old mobile phones and tablets, the Lions Club finding new homes for eye glasses, e-waste going to Electronic Recycling Australia and Minda Inc, and plastic bread tags being made into new items by Transmutation.

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said this initiative is another example of the City of Adelaide taking the lead on sustainability as a leading environmental city.

“Council is making it more convenient for the community to recycle many household items which can’t go in the yellow bin at home and usually end up in landfill,” said the Lord Mayor.

“We are taking real action to improve our resource recovery and we’re leading by example, working with the design students at UniSA to make these hubs from recycled materials.

“It’s important that we have partnered with several community groups for this project which is all about making it as easy as possible for everyone in the community to recycle.

“The City of Adelaide has a vision to be the first zero-waste city in Australia and initiatives like these hubs will help to achieve that goal.”

The City of Adelaide will conduct regular audits to gauge the number and types of objects placed in the hubs and will continue to investigate whether more items could be included.

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Jack Berketa